‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Danielle Moné Truitt Previews Bell & Stabler ‘Butting Heads’ About Task Force Future (VIDEO)

On Law & Order: Organized Crime, the task force is shutting down, and sure, Sergeant Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt) may have a new job waiting for her, but that doesn’t mean that she’s happy about it.

“It’s important to realize that Bell doesn’t have a choice because she’s not in charge. The higher-ups are shutting the task force down. if she doesn’t take this next job, then she just won’t have a job,” Truitt tells TV Insider ahead of the December 8 fall finale. “I think she’s in between a rock and a hard place. Of course she doesn’t want the task force to end. but her hands are tied. She doesn’t have control over that.”

What Bell is trying to have some power over is what happens to the members of her unit. “She definitely is worried about her detectives,” the star says. “She wants to make sure she has a say in where [they] will go and to make sure they have somewhere that’s going to be good for all that they have to offer because she knows all of them are so talented and so great at what they do.”

But Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is mad because of what the task force means to him: It started as a result of his wife’s death. “He’s upset. I tease him on set, ‘oh, here, Stabler’s pouting again,'” Truitt laughs. “He’s upset that she didn’t tell him in advance and Bell’s like, ‘well, there’s a lot of things I’ve told you to do that you don’t do. You don’t listen to me on a regular basis, so you can’t really flip the script.'”

While they will be “butting heads” — which you can watch in an exclusive sneak peek above — due to a “lack of understanding” and “lack of compassion towards each other and where each other stands” in the fall finale, “there’s a moment in the next episode where they’re driving to this location that they’re going to where you see there’s some grace,” she previews. “There’s some understanding that happens, so it’s not that they’re peachy-keen and everything is just swept under the rug, but they kind of set aside their emotions and annoyance or whatever about this situation and realize, it is what it is, we gotta make the best of each day we have left.”

And, as Truitt points out, “in spite of the task force being shut down, she’s taking the job for her son and her family life. Her ex-wife is trying to move out of the city with their son. …. She’s making a tough decision doing a job she doesn’t even want to go so she can try to keep Denise in the city, so she can try to have a relationship with her son and build a relationship with her son, so yes, she’s definitely in a very, very sticky situation. It’s not so cut and dried as it may seem.”

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