‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Star Tracy Tutor Talks Rivalries, Romance & Season 14 Drama

Tracy Tutor on 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' - Season 14
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It doesn’t take an appraiser to know there remains big market value in Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. After all, the Bravo hit following heavy hitters in the world of real estate is entering its 14th season.

This year the focus turns solely on the lives of Tracy Tutor, Josh Altman, and Josh Flagg. This comes after Fredrik Eklund, James Harris, and David Parnes stepped away from the series. Viewers will see how the three manage friendship while navigating through the shark-infested waters of business under the same agency after Flagg also joined Douglas Elliman. And judging by the teaser, sales records may not be the only thing broken.

Here Tutor sells TV Insider on what’s to come on MDLLA ahead of the premiere.

With the exit of Fredrik, James, and David, how would you describe the dynamic this season?

Tracy Tutor: I have a great relationship with James and David. I also wish Fredrik the best in where they all are going next. I think the really cool thing about this season is Flagg, Altman, and I are all friends. We developed a really strong bond over the course of the last five years of my being on the show. Those two were sort of enemies prior to that as well. I think you’re going to get a more personal look with us all being with the same company and really supporting each other. There will be a deeper dive into our personal lives. It’s a bit of a roller coaster with Flagg unfortunately going through a divorce at the beginning of the season. You’re still going to see beautiful houses and the dynamics and that competition but you’re also going to get what I think the fans have been craving. This season we gave it our all. We shot for about 11 months; sometimes up to four days a week. You’re seeing what is happening behind the scenes versus the typical Million Dollar Listing format.

How is it managing the business side with the personal side knowing what for example Flagg is going through?

Altman and Heather are still together and happy and have young kids and thriving. I, of course, have gone through a divorce almost five years ago. I was with Jason [Maltas] for almost 18 years by the time the divorce was final. When I came on to this show for season 10, Flagg was getting married to Bobby. We’ve watched the dynamic of their relationship. Altman and I also come from different perspectives supporting Flagg. He may have thought it was going to be a walk in the park, sign on the dotted line, and knock this out in 60 days. You don’t realize when you’re in the thick of it just how long this could really take. It was a hard time for Flagg particularly early in the season. I’m glad we were able to be there. I’m glad he was so open and vulnerable going through this. Sharing it on camera is a difficult thing to do. We tried to be as honest and supportive in the ways we could be in return.

Tracy Tutor on 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' - Season 14

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

On top of that, things look to be getting intense between you and Flagg working on a listing.

We definitely are working together a lot more this season. I think working under the same roof I think we all recognized we can always be competitive with each other, but we can also utilize each other and work together. We have different styles. I bring him in on a deal to work with one of my clients and represent her in a negotiation. The only thing I’ll say is things get hectic.

Among your clients, this season is a friend you connect with a Diane Keaton-designed home. She certainly made an impression.

She is a star. That is my friend Cailin. We had such a fun time filming this together. I told her after that, “If you don’t get your own show out of this, we’re doing something wrong.” She is an interesting eclectic person, which is why I got Josh Flagg involved in that deal. She has I believe 10 cats with one on the way. She is great TV. If she doesn’t end up as the bartender on Watch What Happens Live I’ll be shocked.

You score a record-breaking sale this season. How did that feel?

When we started the season there was a lot of chatter about the market softening and watch out. When I list that house, and we end up breaking a record in the premiere, I was as shocked as anyone. I was nervous because in the neighborhood the typical sale is $3 million. I think the highest sale is just under $5 million. So for me to sell the house featured at almost double that price, I was as shocked as my client and my business partner. That was the end of February or early March when interest rates started to hike. We got very lucky and worked really hard and brought a buyer from out of state. We were lucky to close that one.

Your daughter Juliet shows interest in following in your footsteps. What does that mean to you?

It’s every parent’s dream to have their kids follow in their footsteps. I’ve never pressured either of my kids to take an interest in real estate. To see her take an interest and intern for the summer and want to come back. She said really learned something. There are so many layers to real estate. She is really great with people. I think that’s obviously what you need. You have to have charisma and that kid has it tenfold. Her first walkthrough ends up being with Josh Altman. That’s a tough one. He didn’t give her an easy time. A 16-and-a-half-year-old girl being able to hold her own, I was incredibly proud of her.

What else can you tell us about the properties we’ll see this season?

I’m definitely excited about the Diane Keaton property that my friend ended up purchasing in Beverly Hills. Very much been a dream of hers for the last 10 years to own that home. That was the biggest this season. To tease something later in the season, you will see for the first time ever that Altman, Flagg, and myself have an opportunity to do something pretty massive together. Something that is out of state. It’s a roller coaster ride. Three styles, a network of contacts, and of course, the dynamic of us all being competitive and friends.

Tracy Tutor and Josh Flagg on 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' - Season 14

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Your relationship with Erik Anderson seems to be thriving. How is it finding that work-home balance?

Erik didn’t sign up to be on a TV show. He is shy. He is not as comfortable in front of the cameras, I really respect that from him. He’s working on expanding his business. That is where his focus has been and is killing it. From the time we met almost three years ago to today, his business growth is now at 200 percent. He has maintained his priority is clients and the gym business and stayed focused on that. He is almost 28 and running his own business. He is successful in his own right and navigating being my boyfriend for the past three years. While I’m shooting this TV show with my career selling real estate outside of the show, it’s a lot. We’re both incredibly busy but somehow find time to spend time together. And we’re still enjoying each other, so we’re happy

If you could look into your crystal ball, what does 2023 look like for the business?

I’m hanging on for 2023. It has been a crazy year of adjustments, but I’m always striving to do better. Expansion in Texas will be a big part of my 2023. I just got off the phone with Houston. We moved into Austin. I just hired my first agent there. We have a potential opportunity and new development in Houston. I’m very excited about that market. I love Texas. My focus is definitely going to be growing that business next year.

I smell a potential spinoff.

Tracy does Dallas! Let’s see.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles season 14 premiere, December 8, 9/8c, Bravo