Why Leslie Jordan’s Final ‘Call Me Kat’ Episode Was Just Perfect

John Griffin and Leslie Jordan in the “Call Me Fancy Puffenstuff” episode of 'Call Me Kat'
Lisa Rose/FOX

Call Me Kat executive producers Maria Ferrari and Jim Patterson have opened up about the tragic passing of Leslie Jordan, whose final episode on the popular Fox sitcom aired last night, Thursday, December 1.

Jordan, who died in a car accident on October 24, starred in the hit series as Phil, a newly single gay man who works as the head baker at Kat’s (Mayim Bialik) café. In the currently airing third season, Phil finally finds love as he meets his new boyfriend, Jalen (John Griffin).

In Thursday’s episode, which saw Phil and his closest friends celebrate Friendsgiving with a murder mystery-themed party, Phil seemingly pushes Jalen away after accidentally telling him he “loves” him. However, the couple later reunites and patches things up as Jalen admits he is also falling for Phil. The pair end on a happy note, sharing a tender kiss. It was the perfect moment fans had been hoping for.

Speaking to Deadline ahead of the latest episode, Ferrari and Patterson spoke about how Jordan’s death has affected the cast and crew. “We’re all really sad, but it is a pretty tight-knit crew and cast, and I think that everybody is just supporting each other the best way they can,” said Ferrari.

“It’s been a long few weeks. Every so often, you think you’re ready to move on, and then you hear something or see something and you flashback; you feel sad,” added Patterson. “As Maria said, we’re a tight family here, so everyone is really there for each other, which is great. It helps a lot, being together.”

The producers also revealed that Jordan was “nervous” about filming his kiss scene with Griffin.” I think that was his first on-screen kiss. I think he was a little bit nervous, which was surprising and we made them do it a couple of times and [Jordan] felt shy,” Ferrari shared.

“I think the first couple of times were like he was kissing his mother or something,” said Patterson. “We were like, ‘No, this is your boyfriend. It’s okay.’ I think he was just nervous to go for it. But then the scene is so sweet.”

As for what’s next for Jordan’s character, Ferrari and Patterson kept things close to the chest. “Just for now we can say that on the show, Phil will live on forever and live his best and happiest life,” explained Patterson, while Ferrari said it was important to give Phil his “happy ending.”

Jordan’s former The Cool Kids castmate, Vicki Lawrence, will appear in a January episode playing Phil’s mother, Lurlene Crumpler.

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