’The View’s Ana Navarro Says She Had COVID Again: ‘I Got Complacent’

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The View co-host Ana Navarro opened up about her “hell of a week” on Saturday, November 26, saying she got COVID-19 for a second time this year.

“COVID got me again,” she wrote on Instagram on Saturday. “Tested positive on Monday. Got stuck quarantining in a hotel in NYC. Took treatment. Fortunately, now feeling good and testing negative.”

Navarro explained that she thought she was protected since she was triple-boosted, so she didn’t wear a mask anywhere. “I got complacent,” she admitted. “In my view, just as a concerned citizen, the pandemic is over, but for now, COVID’s not going anywhere. And we’ll feel a winter surge. It’s still killing people and making many very, very ill.”


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The 50-year-old said that she thought she had “a little head cold” and that she wouldn’t have known she had the virus if employees of The View weren’t required to take COVID tests regularly. She urged followers to get COVID tests when they first notice symptoms and to visit COVID.gov for up-to-date information on testing and treatment. “If we get tested and know we have COVID, it hopefully prevents us from going around spreading the damn thing,” she said.

Navarro also shared the “one silver lining” from the experience: “This is the first Thanksgiving in my adult life when I [lost] weight instead of gaining,” she wrote. “Though [cookbook author Lee Brian Schrager] sent leftovers from his feast, and there’s a coconut cake in the fridge calling out my name. ‘Anaaaa, Anaaaa, come eat me.’”

The political commentator had COVID in January, too, revealing her diagnosis just days after The View costar Whoopi Goldberg tested positive. (Goldberg was diagnosed with COVID again earlier this month.)

“I’m feeling no symptoms,” Navarro said on air at the time, as she called into the daytime ABC show from home. “I’m feeling pretty good so far. I hope this stays. I did what the CDC recommended — the minute I felt a little bit of a tickle in my throat, I assumed I had it. I’ve been isolating with my dog and my box of Kleenex, and I’m doing pretty good, so I hope that people stay safe and follow the CDC guidelines.”

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