‘Jeopardy!’: Amy Schneider Answers Fans’ Questions After Winning Tournament of Champions

Amy Schneider wins Jeopardy! TOC
Jeopardy, Inc

In celebration of her Tournament of Champions victory, Jeopardy! super-champ Amy Schneider took to Twitter on Monday (November 21) night to answer a series of fan questions.

Schneider clinched the TOC crown and the $250,000 prize money on Monday when she won her third game of the finals, beating Andrew He and Sam Buttrey in what has been a highly-competitive tournament. Despite not finding any Daily Doubles in the final game, Schneider still came out on top. “I feel amazing,” she said after her impressive victory.

“Are all the Tournament of Champions competitors as awesome people as they seem on TV?” one fan asked on Twitter, to which Schneider replied, “I’m being 100% sincere when I say: yes, they truly are! We all had so much fun that week.”

Another viewer asked for her opinion on the Daily Double wagers, especially as the finals saw huge bets from both He and Buttrey. “I suspect that, statistically, Andrew’s wagers are more optimal than mine,” Schneider answered. “But you play humans, not computers, and so the emotional impact of a big wager, on yourself and your competitors, is a valid consideration.”

One fan wanted to know her opinion on this year’s TOC format, which required the ultimate victor to win three games in the finals. “I liked this format!” she said. “I understand why they do the traditional format but this feels closer to “normal” gameplay to me, while still providing extra drama.”

She also revealed the two celebrities she would most like to play Jeopardy! against, stating, “Kristen Stewart and Padma Lakshmi, because those are the first two of my celebrity crushes that popped into my head lol.”

Another fan asked about where she positions her buzzer while on the show. “Kind of in front of my thigh. For one thing, my nail polish was chipped on my first taping day, and I didn’t want it to show on camera lol,” she answered. She also said her decision of when to buzz was based “purely on vibes.”

She was also asked about the feeling of going from a regular every day person to an overnight celebrity. “Extremely strange! I loved it, but it was definitely a big upheaval in my life,” Schneider revealed.

And, just for fun, she answered a question about her favorite ice cream flavor. “Baskin-Robbins peanut butter and chocolate, no question,” she said. “You also can’t go wrong with mint chocolate chip.”

Schneider also shared a photo with her wife on the Jeopardy! set following her TOC victory. “I owe so much to so many people today. But above all, I can’t find enough ways to say how lucky I am that the most amazing woman in the world has chosen to spend her life with me,” she wrote. “I love you, Genevieve, and I could never, ever have done this without you.”

That said, despite the amazing TOC win, the Jeopardy! legend isn’t perfect when it comes to tough trivia. “Tonight I went out to bar trivia for the first time since my first Jeopardy appearance! My team came in third,” she tweeted.

Following Schneider’s victory, she received praise from her fellow competitors, including Buttrey, who wrote, “Congratulations to @Jeopardamy for a great tournament, and to @gg_andrewhe Andrew “Double Trouble” He! It was a blast to meet and play with this amazing group of champions, and thanks to everyone for the nice words!”

Fellow super-champ Mattea Roach also shared in the praise, writing, “One of the most meaningful moments of taping #JeopardyTOC for me was getting to tell @Jeopardamy directly something I’d said to press a bunch during my run on the show – that I truly believe watching her run made it possible for me to succeed on the show myself.”

Check out more reaction to Schneider’s victory below.