‘Sex Lives of College Girls’ Team Answers: ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘Girls’? (VIDEO)

The Sex Lives of College Girls returns for Season 2 on Thursday, November 17, and with it comes new adventures for the ladies of Essex.

Ahead of the debut, TV Insider caught up with co-creators Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, alongside cast members Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Reneé Rapp, and Alyah Chanelle Scott to talk about what’s on the horizon, but we couldn’t resist getting their hot take on something that is borderline crucial for fans of HBO’s other female-forward programs.

'The Sex Lives of College Girls' Season 2 Key Art

(Credit: HBO Max)

The burning question on the table? Who would the ladies of Essex vibe with most? The women of Sex and the City or Girls? The answers may interest fans who will be able to catch two new episodes each Thursday beginning the day of Season 2’s premiere. As viewers of these shows know, the main action centers around a group of four female friends who are living through certain points in their lives, but there’s quite a leap between SATC which kicked off in 1998 and Girls which first premiered in 2012.

“I love both of the shows,” Kaling tells us excitedly. The outcomes are different considering each character according to Kaling who says, “Kimberly (Chalamet) would just love Sex and the City so much, I think she would be a little befuddled by Girls, Right?”

“Whereas Leighton (Rapp) would be like, ‘I am all about the Girls experience,'” Noble chimes in. “She would know Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) from high school,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Kaling adds, “Bela (Kaur) would know the Lena Dunham story inside and out — how she started, how she made Tiny Furniture — like to a loser-ish degree.” As for Whitney, Kaling thinks the athletic student would say something along the lines of, “‘I don’t really watch TV that much.'”

Noble confirms, saying, “Whitney is too cool for comparison.” But do the actresses playing these characters agree? Find out in the full video, above, and don’t miss The Sex Lives of College Girls when Season 2 arrives this fall.

The Sex Lives of College Girls, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, November 17, HBO Max