‘FBI: International’: Vinessa Vidotto Says Vo’s ‘Still Proving Herself’ With Personal Cases (VIDEO)

The Fly Team’s case in the November 15 episode of FBI: International is personal for Special Agent Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto).

In “Call It Anarchy,” her friend from the U.S. Navy, Paige Taylor (guest star Jade Harlow) calls in a favor to help find her missing nephew in Crete. But that’s just the beginning. Vidotto previews Cameron’s latest challenge. Plus, watch an exclusive sneak peek above.

Set up the case. What’s the Fly Team dealing with?

Vinessa Vidotto: Paige took me under her wing when I was an aid at the Pentagon, and she’s called me to help find her nephew who’s been missing for a couple weeks on the island of Crete. First, we think he’s probably off somewhere with a girlfriend or partying or just exploring like a young teenager. Turns out it gets much more serious and complicated than that. So we go on this huge duck chase or chicken chase, whatever you wanna call it, and we find some deeper trenches.

Talk about Cameron and Paige’s history. How will that affect both of them during the investigation?

Cameron had this situation before last season. It’s dealing with somebody who’s a close friend. She took me under her wing, so now she’s coming to me for help, so it’s the sort of thing of like, “OK, this is my territory, you have to trust what I’m doing.” But at the same time, this is her nephew, so it’s tough. You definitely don’t wanna step on any toes, but she came to me for help, so I gotta do what I gotta do.

When it comes to separating her personal life from getting the job done, how much is that tested here? More than ever before? Less than might be expected?

Much more. You can never keep it just as business when it comes to friends, it always crosses, there are emotions there. If you don’t have the emotions, then you’re just like a robot or why is there a relationship in the first place? There’s always human emotions involved.

Cameron’s fit in well with the team since the beginning. She trusts them with her life. Does she trust them with personal cases like this?

Yes, but also she’s had one strike before so she’s always earning her stripes every case that she does. But she knows that last time when she asked for help, it didn’t turn out so well. Obviously we solved the case but there was a lot of risk involved for everybody. So when she asks for it again, it’s almost like she knows she’s good at her job, but when it comes to something personal, she kind of has to vouch for herself even harder. So she’s still proving herself.

Vinessa Vidotto in 'FBI: International'

Nelly Kiss/CBS

We are still learning things about Cameron. Are there any skills new to viewers that she’s gonna get to show off in this episode?

Yes, always. For this episode, she is a certified polygraph person who can detect if people are lying and whatnot. That scene, I’m very excited to see how it’s gonna play out because it was a lot of fun.

And there’s a lot of confidence the way that you play it too.

It’s funny you say [that]. When I first auditioned for this role, it said one of her strong suits was that she’s very good at interrogations. And so that was kind of my first thing in the first episode last season. I got some here and there, but I didn’t feel like that was a trait that really stuck out. But this season, they are definitely giving me some really juicy interrogation rooms, like Episode 5 with the surrogate, I loved that one, I had this monologue. It just feels much better this season for this trait that I get to hone in on. So not only does she know a lot of languages, but it’s like OK, when she’s in the interrogation room, you’re in trouble. [Laughs]

Things always get complicated on these shows when it’s personal for one of the agents. What can you preview about how this episode leaves Cameron’s relationship with Paige?

It’s never smooth sailing. It’s not gonna be happy. There are definitely different opinions and different ways to approach it and when it comes to your personal life, it’s like, how much do you give grace or do you stick to the laws and what’s right? You have to honor morals and things like that. It’s tough all around.

Eva-Jane Willis, Heida Reed, and Vinessa Vidotto in 'FBI: International'

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We’ve seen her get in on the action quite a bit.

The interrogation scene was so much fun. And the action scenes [in this episode] we shot two nights and the first night was raining and we didn’t plan on that but we were like, hey, let’s just do it. We’ve got Charlie’s Angels girls, that’s what we were calling ourselves, it’s me, Eva[-Jane Willis, who plays Europol Agent Megan “Smitty” Garretson] and Heida [Reed, who plays Special Agent Jamie Kellett], tactical gear full on in the rain, going into battle. And so they’re like, oh well, we have to keep it consistent for the second day. So then they showered us. [Laughs] That was a lot of fun.

How’s her personal life?

It’s a lot of work this season. I think the only glimpse is with Paige Taylor.

Is there anything you wanted to do or explore as Cameron last season that you’ve gotten to this season?

I would just say stronger interrogation room moments. There’s a scene that we just did for Episode 9. More personal human scenes where it’s not just downloading all the exposition but more of connecting with each other. Just more real-life scenes. More languages. I love speaking different languages.

How does Cameron feel about where she is career-wise right now?

I think she’s good, but she’s always eager, and I took a pause because I was thinking about me. It’s always good to appreciate the moments, but you’re always just eager to dig deeper, do more, always challenge yourself. I’ve been working a lot this season and now I’m kind of coming down on some episodes where it’s not so heavy on me and I get to have some sort of a break and I’m trying to enjoy it. And you would think I would really be like, “yes, I have a break!” But I was so addicted to working so much and getting really juicy scenes or juicy episodes and the more you practice, the more you just figure out the character and you get better at it. So I was riding that high.

I think she is really happy with where she’s at. She just wants to keep working and proving herself and climbing up the ranks, but I don’t think she wants to go anywhere.

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