Kim Lee Opens Up on ‘Bling Empire’ Season 3 Drama, Spinoff & More

Bling Empire - Kim Lee
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It has been a little more than a month since Bling Empire season 3 dropped, and Kim Lee is getting all the viewer feedback. Some saying she made them laugh amid all the drama. Others who were upset because they felt she was too blunt with Kevin Kreider when shutting him down.

“I finally told Kevin the truth, and some thought it was harsh,” she told TV Insider. “That I led him on, but what people don’t know is I’ve said this before many times during filming. It just didn’t make it the cut.”

Here the DJ, model, businesswoman and influencer answers our burning questions about the Netflix reality series and more.

How do you feel your relationship/friendship with Kevin was portrayed this season? Do you regret being that direct about how you weren’t interested in a romantic relationship with him? Or was that needed?

No matter what drama or disagreement we have on the show, we’re always able to move forward. That’s what I like about Kevin. I don’t regret being blunt. I think it was time. I actually explained why I couldn’t take him seriously and definitely didn’t try to play games. Listen, anyone in showbiz knows this. You shoot what you shoot. What makes it on the screen is a whole different story. Some people see my point-of-view and some people see his point-of-view. The way I look at it is if people are talking about the show, then you got something. It’s when no one is talking. Then that’s when you should be worried.

Was it hard to get Lewis [Tan] on board to film for the show? How was it having him in the mix?

Lewis was super cool about coming on the show. We actually have a lot of celebs who actually wanted to come on the show. It’s interesting because actors are used to having a script and playing a character. Whereas with reality shows especially with Bling, you really don’t know what can happen next. He did great, and the ladies loved seeing him on there.

How did it feel to get some sort of closure with the whole penis pump incident at Anna [Shay’s] house?

It actually felt good. I like Anna and get how she is. So, that’s why I wanted to speak to her again. Sometimes you just need to give people space and time. With all the drama going on this season with everyone, I told the producers to let me go over to her house by myself and talk to her.

Kim Lee

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When you’re out and about, what do people bring up more? The penis pump at Anna’s house or the lie detector test you had Kevin take?

That’s a good question! Season 1 was the penis pump. Now it’s like team Kev or Team Kim. I get so many fans holding signs at my shows saying “I’ll take a lie detector test for you!“ I honestly love how invested the fans are.

What did you think of the way Kane [Lim] and Christine [Chiu’s] tension played out and the way it impacted the rest of the group?

I don’t take sides, to be honest. I try to stay out of it, especially when it has nothing to do with me. But I know there’s more to the story, and maybe we will find out the next season.

What are your thoughts on Bling Empire spinning off with Dorothy Wang on Bling Empire New York?

I think it’s great! But I have to say the original cast of Bling Empire really made season 1 truly special. If it wasn’t a hit, there wouldn’t be any other versions. We have such a special team from our producers to the camera crew. We have so many great memories on set. I remember camera guys laughing while filming us. I mean we have a moment where I fell at the pool. It was embarrassing. I had to play it off. Moments like that you definitely can’t stage. Like when Kevin and Kane went to find my father. It was such an epic scene. You see their bond while really doing something I probably wouldn’t do if it wasn’t for them. It was very touching. My social media sky rocketted once it aired. People cried and messaged me saying they reached out to their own mother and father who they haven’t spoken to in years. I remember telling Christine too. Put your ego and pride to the side. You don’t want to reach out to your loved ones when it’s too late. Learn from me.

I feel you’re like the Pauly D of Bling Empire. Shooting this show while growing your DJ career. Are you inspired by how he juggles being a reality star and DJ life? Have you received any advice from him?

It’s crazy that you are mentioning this. People have been calling me the female Pauly D. We’ve known each other so long, even before I started DJing years ago. I was actually on the same flight and sat right next to him about a couple of months ago. It was nice catching up him. Our journey in life is kind of similar. I respect his hustle, and he has given me great advice. I think the Pauly we have seen on [Jersey Shore] is the DJ that parties a lot, but he’s a very smart business man.

Kim Lee

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How has it been building up your own career in Vegas and beyond?

It’s been a lot of work. People don’t know this, but I been DJing for 10 years now. I did mostly overseas in Asia. Being a female in a male-dominated industry is not easy. But I always love a challenge, and I’m very determined once I set my mind to something. My dream was to have a residency at the Wynn many years ago. This is when I first started off. I guess I was shooting for the stars way too soon. It wasn’t my time yet. Now I look back, and it’s like I had to build my name and put in the hard work and gain experience for the big day.

How does it feel to represent within the industry?

It feels amazing to represent women and Asian American women. I have so many fans, especially female fans coming to my shows. Not because of Bling Empire, but because they say I’m an inspiration to them. It makes me feel happy and confirms that I’m on the right path because I want females to see me and say, “If she can do it, I can do it. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to come on Bling Empire. To tell my story of how it is being a female in this industry. I’ve learned to put my emotions to the side when it comes to business. It’s like an on-and-off switch that I’ve learned to control.

What have you been told about another season of Bling Empire? Would you be up for it?

When the time comes I will decide.

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