Melissa Fumero & Randall Park Get Grilled on Their ‘Blockbuster’ Knowledge (VIDEO)

Do you remember the days of perusing shelf-after-shelf of films in the local video store? Well, Netflix is bringing back all of the nostalgia with its latest comedy Blockbuster, which is about the last remaining store from the video rental franchise, and at the helm of the sweet title are stars Melissa Fumero and Randall Park.

Sitting down to chat with TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine‘s Damian Holbrook, the cast members are getting grilled about their memories from the former rental go-to ranging from sections to lingo (test your own knowledge with the quiz, below, before watching the interview, above). The pair are also reflecting on their own experiences at the titular store growing up.

Blockbuster Melissa Fumero and Randall Park

Blockbuster (Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix)

“I’m young enough that I remember when it switched to DVD at the Blockbusters,” Fumero recalls. “But it was definitely a huge part of my kid years and pre-teen years.” As she reflects, Fumero adds, “I have a lot of childhood memories of fighting with my brother over which movie we were going to choose cause my parents were like, ‘You have to agree on one.'” Ultimately, she boils it down to being a “ritualistic family thing.”

Meanwhile, Park jokingly says with a laugh, “I’m a little slightly older, so I would go into my neighborhood video store, go straight to the adult section, and just stay in there for hours.” He lets the joke drop though as he remembers his own similar experience to Fumero’s. “It was the same, going there with my family just spending hours in the Blockbuster just trying to decide on the right movie.”

It’s “something that I think the kids are missing out on,” Park laments. While viewers may have to pursue the digital shelves now, there’s plenty to feel warm and fuzzy about when it comes to this comedy about a fondly remembered rental store. Test your knowledge with the quiz, below, and don’t miss Blockbuster when it arrives on Netflix.

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