‘The Crown’: Netflix Releases Behind the Scenes Look at Season 5 (VIDEO)

'Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki in 'The Crown' Season 5
Keith Bernstein/Netflix

The fifth season of The Crown is set to premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, November 9, and in anticipation, the streamer has released a special behind-the-scenes look at the royal drama.

In addition to clips from the new season, the video features interviews with the new cast, including Imelda Staunton (Queen Elizabeth II), Jonathan Pryce (Prince Phillip), Dominic West (Prince Charles), Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana), Lesley Manville (Princess Margaret), and Olivia Williams (Camilla Parker Bowles), as well as Peter Morgan (Writer/Creator), and Suzanne Mackie (Executive Producer).

“Season 5 plays against a period of real criticism and uncertainty and unconfidence,” says Morgan following a highlight of Staunton’s Queen Elizabeth II addressing the nation. “It’s quite shocking how overtly critical people were of the monarchy at that time.”

The fifth season will show how the media and public sentiment turned against the royal family in the early 1990s and how Princess Diana played into those tensions.

“The great tensions that you see in this season is between this 1950s outlook on the monarchy and on public life and on marriage and the modern day and how they clash, and how Diana really represents the modern day and Charles is sort of caught between the two,” adds West.

Season 5 will also focus on the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage and the media scrutiny that came along with it. “As a result of the marriage breaking down and how [Diana] becomes more and more removed from the rest of the royal family. It forces her to grow up,” comments Debicki, who also says the challenge of the role “really motivated me.”

“There is something really energizing about a new cast and suddenly being in a new era,” states Mackie. “It’s a very quietly rewarding experience actually.”

Morgan shares similar sentiments about the cast, adding, “I’m thrilled with what they’ve done. It brings a whole new flavor and energy into the show that I think the show really needs and profits from in Season 5.”

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