‘Reboot’ Cast & Creators Address Season 1 Finale Cliffhangers

Johnny Knoxville in 'Reboot' Season 1
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Reboot, Season 1, Episode 8, “Who’s the Boss.”]

Hulu‘s meta-comedy Reboot left viewers on quite a few hooks as its first season came to a close with the installment, “Who’s the Boss.”

Following the production of a sitcom reboot for a fictional show titled Step Right Up, the series chronicles the behind-the-scenes drama of its stars as they work together to bring a more modern version to Hulu subscribers. While the season finale implemented new romantic dynamics as well as hurdles for some of the stars, Step Right Up‘s creatives hit a wall of their own in an unexpected twist.

Reboot ceator Steven Levitan (Modern Family) helped situate his all-star cast — Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, Paul Reiser, Rachel Bloom, Calum Worthy, and Krista Marie Yu — with strong Season 2 possibilities, should the series be renewed. Below, some of the stars and Levitan open up about their hopes, ideas, and explanations for the Reboot‘s future.

'Reboot's Keegan-Michael Key, Steven Levitan, and Judy Greer

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Bree & Clay’s Meetup

In the episode’s final moments, Bree (Greer) knocks on Clay’s (Knoxville) door just as he’s contemplating falling off the wagon with complimentary booze. She’s searching for comfort after learning her ex Reed (Key) proposed to his girlfriend Nora (Eliza Coupe). Agreeing that they can’t be alone, could something be sparking between these costars?

“There was a version of the script way, way, way before, where it came out that they had hooked up once a hundred years ago,” Greer tells TV Insider. “I think that these are two people that are really lonely,” the actress adds. “She’s so lonely,” Greer says of her character Bree, “and so I think with that and [Clay] trying so hard to like keep it together. It made sense to me. It was fun.”

As for what could be next for the costars? “Part of me thinks it would be funny if I just become your roommate,” Greer says, directing the comment to Knoxville who imagines putting a “pillow over my head the whole time.”

Paul Reiser in Hulu's 'Reboot'

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Reed’s Engagement

Key’s Reed was put in quite a position after proposing to longtime girlfriend Nora right before Bree confesses her true feelings for him. Rather than reveal where he thinks the story could go, Key tells us, “I have my own thoughts, but I’d love to be surprised if we get a second season.” Instead, the actor ponders, “how long can he and Nora work this out, or how long can he and Nora try to make this work? Is that a whole season before he realizes he should or shouldn’t be with Bree? It’s those kinds of things that are extremely tantalizing.”

Gordon & Hannah’s Evolution

Step Right Up‘s original creator Gordon (Reiser) makes the bold decision to step away from the reboot when it becomes clear Hulu’s new head honcho (played by Peter Gallagher) will make production a living hell if he doesn’t. Deciding to give his daughter Hannah (Bloom) a shot, Gordon walks away from the joint project leaving her a little dumbfounded. Despite the cliffhanger, Reiser says, “whatever personality and personal problems they have with each other, [it’s] worked out in a tangential way.” And while there were bumps along the way, Reiser adds of Gordon and Hannah, “we’re just doing the best we can.”

Cliffhanger Choice

Although the season concluded on an unfinished note, Levitan says, “I didn’t wanna feel like I was forcing a cliffhanger, but I thought it came through very naturally.” The series creator goes on to add, “some of that stuff was based on things I had seen or experienced, and I feel really good about that ending.” As for the future of the show, “I do have some notions going forward,” Levitan teases, “but that’s about it for now.”

Stay tuned for a potential Season 2 renewal and let us know what you’d like to see if Reboot continues on Hulu.

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