‘The Crown’ Will Not Show Princess Diana’s Fatal Car Crash

'The Crown' Season 5
(Credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s The Crown will not show the horrific car crash that ended the lives of Princess Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed.

Of how the death of the royal — portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki in the fifth season — will be depicted, Netflix said in a statement to The Sun, “The exact moment of the crash impact will not be shown.”

A source working on the production of Season 5 of The Crown told Deadline, “We’ve been dreading getting to this point. The countdown is two weeks and while we’re calmly carrying on it’s fair to acknowledge that there’s a certain anxiety; a palpable sense of being slightly on edge. I mean, there’s bombshell sensitivity surrounding this one.”

In addition to the cast and crew of The Crown voicing their concerns, Oscar winner Judi Dench recently called on Netflix to add a disclaimer before each episode of the series stating that is it a work of fiction.

From the series logline: “Inspired by real events, the series serves as a fictional dramatization of Queen Elizabeth II’s story, both political and personal. Season 5 chronicles the period in time during the 1990s when the role of the Royal Family came into question by the public.”

The Crown, Season 5 Premiere, Wednesday, November 9, Netflix