‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Keisha Castle-Hughes on How Hana’s Agent Instincts Lead to Her Kidnapping

Keisha Castle-Hughes and Dalya Knapp in 'FBI: Most Wanted'

To find their missing teammate in the October 18 episode of FBI: Most Wanted, the Fugitive Task Force only needs one thing: their missing teammate.

In “Chains,” Hana (Keisha Castle-Hughes) is on her way to visit her sister (Kate Eastman’s Casey) in Connecticut when she’s kidnapped, trying to help a young girl (Evil‘s Dalya Knapp) at a rest stop. Then it’s up to Remy (Dylan McDermott) and the rest of the team to find her before it’s too late.

Castle-Hughes previews the danger.

Preview how Hana is kidnapped and the situation she finds herself in.

Keisha Castle-Hughes: This episode is a little bit of a departure from our usual formula in the sense that we get to see Hana after work. She’s in a little bit of a different mode to begin with, where she’s finished the week and she’s going to spend some time with her sister out of state and things take a turn when her FBI agent instincts kick in at a rest stop and she comes across a woman and a young girl and suspects the girl might need her help and can’t help but intervene. It all goes pear-shaped from there.

Roxy Sternberg, Alexa Davalos, Edwin Hodge, and Dylan McDermott in 'FBI: Most Wanted'

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In thinking about the team’s search, what they need to find Hana is Hana. Meanwhile, it’s hard to imagine her having much access to the tech she needs in her situation.

The task force works really well together, but they’re so reliant on Hana being the tech person and having all the answers and she is so good at it that they all trust her, so what happens is they find themselves in a situation where for the first time no one can access a lot of the stuff she would usually access on a case because she’s the person that they’re trying to find. And then on the other side of the coin, Hana’s in a situation where she has access to nothing and we’re seeing her operate from a really different place without all of her technology to back her up.

That has to be the biggest challenge for her because what she relies on is what she doesn’t have.

Absolutely. It’s probably one of the most challenging situations we as an audience have ever seen her to date because she is so skilled at what she does that to have all that taken away, she really has to think really differently to try to figure out how to help herself.

Hana was on her way to visit her sister when she’s taken. What can you say about that dynamic?

This is the first time we are meeting her sister, but we have talked about her sister before. Hana has had an interesting story in that she and her sister were both adopted and of the two, Hana was always probably a bit quieter and her sister Casey was really outgoing and kind of the shining star of the family.

It’s fascinating because for the first time, I think Hana’s kind of growing up a little bit and she doesn’t feel so much in her sister’s shadow. We’re starting to see maybe the beginnings of an adult relationship blossoming and letting go of some of those resentments from childhood where her sister was the shiny daughter and she was kind of the weird, in the background daughter. And what happens really solidifies for both of them how important having each other in their life is.

Hana keeps taking in new team members as roommates. How’s it going with Ray (Edwin Hodge)?

So far, it’s going great. She does always have team members as roommates. I think the thing with Hana is she’s got the space, it’s New York, people share spaces a lot, and she’s still young and she can always use a hand with the rent. And I think she’s not necessarily the most socially adept person and it’s kind of a good way for her to get out of her shell a little bit by learning to share her space.

And she doesn’t have to run a background check because the FBI’s done that for her already.


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