‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Promo: Kate Walsh Returns as Addison & Meets New Interns (VIDEO)

Of course Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) knows how to always make an entrance! And the promo (above) for her Grey’s Anatomy return in Season 19 in the October 20 episode shows that this time will be no different.

But first: what leads to that moment. Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is surprised to see Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) at the hospital. But, as Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) explains, “I may have given her permission to use the interns.” When Meredith questions that, he points out, “you really want to tell Bailey no?” After all, Bailey doesn’t have to still work at Grey Sloan to be in charge.

So what does Bailey need the interns for? “You’re helping me with a sex ed curriculum. You get the benefit of working with yet another world-renowned surgeon. Dr. Montgomery,” she reveals.

“Don’t look so miserable. You’re getting paid to talk about sex today,” Addison tells them. It may not be as memorable as “you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband,” which her Season 18 return played off of (“you must be the group that’s been screwing up the program”), but it’s still fun.

In “Let’s Talk About Sex,” Bailey recruits the interns to create a series of social media videos informing teens about sexual health. The videos, filmed at Grey Sloan in front of a group of high schoolers, hit home as a student has medical complications during her visit.

Plus, Meredith and Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) learn something new about Zola (Aniela Gumbs). At the end of the latest episode, while giving a presentation about her grandmother, Zola revealed her concerns that she’d lose her mother and aunt to Alzheimer’s, too, and she’d have no one. This seems to be leading to how Grey’s will explain Meredith being off-screen for most of the season.

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