Harry Shum Jr. on Joining ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and New Romances Ahead (VIDEO)

Grey’s Anatomy is making way for fresh blood in Season 19 and fans got a taste of it in the premiere installment, “Everything Has Changed.”

Among the newly-introduced lot is Harry Shum Jr.‘s intern, Benson Kwan, who made quite the impression in the opening episode that aired on October 6. The actor, who is known for his roles on shows like Shadowhunters and Glee, had a surreal experience upon walking onto the set for the first time, as he recalled to TV Insider’s Jim Halterman.

Harry Shum Jr. in 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19

(Credit: ABC/Liliane Lathan)

“It feels very real, I mean, you feel like you’re stepping into a real hospital,” Shum Jr. marveled. “There’s so many nurses and other doctors walking around, it really doesn’t differentiate between reality and the Grey’s world. So it was nice to step in there.”

As for donning the iconic Grey Sloan Memorial scrubs and jacket, Shum Jr. said “it’s like a cape, man, it’s like a little superhero. Everyone’s a superhero in this, they’re saving lives but they’re also dealing with a lot of inner turmoil that’s happening in their lives and in each other’s relationships.”

Despite the heavier moments that can occur in the medical drama, Shum Jr. teased, “It’s bringing a lot of the fun back into the interactions with different characters.” Shouting out his fellow new interns, Shum Jr. added, “They’ve just been wonderful. I think they really chose some great actors… to join this new season.”

As for fans of the signature doctor-on-doctor romance, Shum Jr. promised, “There’s definitely distractions, there’s always distractions at Grey Sloan, that’s what I’ve learned… also some distractions that, you know in the Grey’s world, will lead a lot of shipping to happen. Possibilities that the fans could have fun with and see which ones they like and don’t like.”

Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds as Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 continues on ABC, and see Shum Jr.’s full interview in the video, above.

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