‘See’: Watch Maghra Kane & Queen Kane Embrace in the Series’ Final Episode (VIDEO)

We are in the final season of the Apple TV+ original series See, starring Jason Momoa, and in the last episode of the show, “I See You,” co-stars Hera Hilmar and Sylvia Hoeks have a heartfelt moment as sisters. Maghra Kane and the mad Queen Kane embrace each other after a tumultuous couple of seasons between the two, but it is only Maghra who speaks and the Queen that reacts.

“You’re still the sister I’ve loved my whole life. Who braided my hair and made puppets for me. Brought me into her bed when it thundered,” she says in the TV Insider exclusive clip above. “My sister, who sang me to sleep the night mother died. Never losing patience, never once letting go of my hand.” The “mad queen” begins to cry as Maghra begins to sing to her. Soon after, she joins her sister in the lullaby.

“She’s been the villain the whole goddamn time. She’s been hunting my children their whole life, so I hate that woman,” Momoa told TV Insider about Queen Kane. “Even this season, it’s insane what Maghra does to me and what I have to go through,” the Dune star continues. “And when he finds out — there’s one scene where I go, ‘Where’s this? Where’s Paris? What do you mean? Who is this? Why is she… what?!’ This whole scene, this guy’s getting punched in the face over and over. And as a father, if that sh*t happened, I’d be freaking out. I love that it’s her, and I love the way that this season ends, I’ll say that.”

The post-apocalyptic Apple Original series also stars Christian Camargo, Archie Madekwe, Nesta Cooper, Tom Mison, Olivia Cheng, Eden Epstein, Michael Raymond-James, David Hewlett, and Trieste Kelly Dunn.

Check out the scene above and catch the series finale of See, streaming on October 14 on Apple TV+.

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