‘NCIS’: Sean Murray Talks ‘Changing It Up’ in McGee-Focused Fantasy Football Episode

Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy McGee in NCIS Season 20
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) brings his work home tonight on NCIS.

As part of an investigation, he joins a clique of his fellow “school dads”! Seems one of the guys, Carter Landegraff (Kash Abdulmalik), an independent contractor who creates proprietary algorithms, is tied to a government break-in that resulted in murder.

“We’re changing it up for this,” Murray says, noting the episode’s “different sort of vibe. McGee’s never really in danger.”

The operation requires McGee to attend “Fantasy Football & Fathers Night” at the home of a preppy real estate investor, Owen Belfort III (Peter Porte). But all his NCIS training is no help here: “McGee is very uncomfortable in this group. He knows nothing about football. He BSes his way through it,” Murray says with a laugh.

The agent wears hidden camera-equipped glasses and an earpiece so the bullpen team can follow the action — and feed him believable gridiron gab. Soon, Owen comes under suspicion too.

Murray found a lot to relate to, remembering dropping his own kids (now 12 and 15) off at school and navigating parental social circles. Plus, he says, “It was easy to play someone who didn’t know anything about football. My wife maintains that one reason she loves me is I don’t stand around watching football games!”

In the end, Murray hints, “There’s a nice warm scene — McGee’s formed a bond, found a real friend.” Cue bowling night!

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