‘Professionals’ EPs Tease Brendan Fraser & Tom Welling High-Octane Action Series

Tom Welling as Vincent Corbo in The CW's 'Professionals'
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Bernard Walsh/LEONINE Studios/The CW

In the debut season of Professionals, coming October 11 to The CW, things get explosive quickly in this combustible drama after billionaire futurist Peter Swann’s (Brendan Fraser) new medical data satellite blows up at launch. A suspicious Swann hires security operative Vincent Corbo (Smallville’s Tom Welling) to sniff out his enemies.

“As Corbo and his team of veteran security professionals investigate the rocket disaster, they expose a lethal conspiracy of Swann’s corporate rivals, corrupt government officials, and a shadowy crime syndicate — all working to destroy Swann and take control of his tech empire,” the official logline teases. “Worse, Corbo must also contend with a rogue Europol agent (Ken Duken) who is hellbent on busting him for past sins.”

Here’s why this new CW action series will hit the high-octane mark.

Everyone’s a suspect

While Corbo and his team are loyal to their employers, allegiances can shift quickly. “These characters are tempted to cross lines all the time,” says executive producer Michael Colleary.

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It plays out like a big-screen actioner

Fiery catastrophes and car chases shot in Ireland and South Africa deliver “a mix of James Bond and Mission: Impossible, but with real motivations,” says Colleary.

There’s romance too!

Corbo’s ex just happens to be his client’s fiancée (Elena Anaya). “He’s [protecting] someone he’s no longer with but deeply loves,” says executive producer Jeff Most. “Distinct tension exists between the three of them.” Sounds like something else that might go boom.

Professionals, Series Premiere, Tuesday, October 11, 9/8c, The CW

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