’90 Day Fiancé’: Four Weddings and a Secret Revealed (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 9, Episode 17 “To Have and To Scold.”] 

Whether you’ve been watching Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé for the past few months or are looking for an episode to watch for instant gratification, Episode 17 offers the most happiness we’ve seen thus far, with four beautiful weddings that were anything but guaranteed along the way. Three couples have already married and it’s time to a look at what happened with the final four.

Bilal and Shaeeda

After months of disagreements over life goals and a prenup, it’s finally Bilal and Shaeeda’s wedding day. The ceremony, set at Bilal’s house, is accented beautifully with flowers and decorations, thanks to his sister Nefertari.

As they’re getting ready, Shaeeda’s sisters, Nisa and Tiya, tell the bride-to-be that this is Shaeeda’s last chance to say no and that it’s not too late to come home to Trinidad. While she knows this marriage won’t be easy, she still wants to try.

After walking down the aisle to a beautiful spiritual recitation from daughter Zeynah, the bride and groom are each asked three times if they take the other to be their spouse, and they each affirm three times. If a kiss takes place when they’re declared man and wife, we don’t actually get to see it.

At the reception, Bilal gives Shaeeda an engraved gold bracelet that his late father gave to his mother. On one side, it says, “I will never give up on you” and on the other, “You will never give up on me.”

In their post-wedding interview, Shaeeda hopes that she will be a mother sooner rather than later. Bilal still looks a bit unsure.

Emily and Kobe

It’s their wedding day, and Kobe has spent the night in a hotel. Emily feels bad that they fought the night before and calls to apologize. She promises she really trusts him and can’t wait to marry him. But Kobe finds her possible lack of trust troubling, in addition to hiding her pregnancy from her parents.

Later, as they get ready for the ceremony separately, Kobe has a tender moment with Emily’s father David, who says he loves Kobe like a son and gives him a gift that’s to remain a secret between the two of them. In an interview, Kobe says he really wanted to tell David that Emily’s pregnant in that moment (and it looks like he’s about to), but he ultimately decides not to because of his promise to Emily to wait until after the wedding day.

The ceremony is filled with smiles and tears, and their son Koban joins in dancing with the new husband and wife at the reception. They’re pulled away from the party and asked if it’s time to tell Emily’s parents that she’s expecting — she says no and he says yes. They actually wait for a few days before breaking the news to her parents and sister at the breakfast table. Much shock ensues, but Kobe ultimately says that he’ll be the man that he told David he will be for his daughter.

Jibri and Miona

After driving from South Dakota to Joshua Tree in California, Jibri and Miona are so close to having their perfect wedding day, but Miona has dreamt of having an arch, and it’s stuck in traffic with their friend Igor. Jibri worries about what will happen if Miona doesn’t get the exact wedding she wants at this point; they’ve already swapped her dream to wed on a beach to go to the desert.

Hours after he was supposed to arrive, Igor and the arch finally turn up, but Jibri and Miona are only happy to see their friend and rush to get everything set up while it’s still light outside. As Igor and another photographer shoot the ceremony, Jibri plays a country song he wrote for Miona, which is a first for him, and she thinks it’s amazing. His grandmother Cheyne pronounces them man and wife and Jibri twirls Miona in the air.

Miona tells the camera that it was a hard road, but she would do it all over again to marry Jibri. Igor says he knows they have a great future, and Cheyne hopes that they’ll grow old together, feed their creativity, and have fun.

Patrick and Thais

During a really tense FaceTime call the day before the wedding is scheduled, Pat finally convinces Thais’ father Carlos Roberto that his intentions with Thais are pure and that he never thought that he would fall in love with a Brazilian woman. He promises that they will return to her hometown every year to visit. Carlos Roberto says that he’s still not happy with this decision and has doubts, but he hopes to be proved wrong. After they hang up, Thais thanks Pat for his polite composure and says she wants to get married, and you can see the relief on his face.

The next day, Pat is getting ready with his brother John and friend Austin. He stands in front of a full-length mirror and practices a Brazilian dance that he promised Thais he’d learn, and it’s quite endearing. Meanwhile, in Thais’ dressing room, her friends from Dallas are helping her get ready. Anadia says that she would probably postpone her wedding if her father had doubts, but Kayla encourages her to go for it.

Thais cries in an interview when she admits that she wanted her father’s blessing. “This is not my dream,” she says in tears.

After all the uncertainty and drama, they wed in an outdoor ceremony under clear Orlando skies. Thais later tells the camera that this was one of the most special moments of her life, and now that they’re married, it’s time for Pat to kick his brother out of the house.

“Well, you can talk to him about that now,” Pat says.

What’s Next

Since the weddings were all filmed at different times, some of these pairs have been together longer than others. The upcoming Tell All will let viewers know how the couples have fared since they got hitched.

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