Sophie Flay Talks the Father-Daughter Dynamic of ‘Bobby & Sophie on the Coast’

Bobby and Sophie Flay at the Wise Hatter in Venice, CA, as seen on Bobby and Sophie Take the Coast, Season 1
Food Network

For renowned chef Bobby Flay’s daughter, Sophie, being a foodie is all in the family. “We’ve always explored the restaurants in our local neighborhoods,” says the journalist and podcaster. “And whenever we traveled, we made it our mission to find hidden gems and traditional eateries.”

That sampler-platter spirit drives this new series, which sees the duo checking out the best — and best-kept secrets — of Los Angeles’ nosh pits. Among tonight’s Hollywood eats: the green curry at Jitlada and Sophie’s first taste of Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.

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“As you can imagine, my dad has an extensive list of restaurants and chefs that he’s worked with, but I was excited to introduce him to a few places,” Sophie says, proudly adding that she even got to pick up the check now and then. “As a young adult, it’s rewarding when you can return the favor and take your parents out to dinner.”

After each meal, the Flays then head home to whip up entrées inspired by the episode’s locale. “I think I impressed my dad with my oyster-shucking skills,” Sophie says. “I’m slowly but surely finding my confidence in the kitchen, one oyster at a time!”

Bobby and Sophie on the Coast, Series Premiere, Monday, August 22, 9/8c, Food Network