The Best In Soaps 2016: ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Shines


An insidious takeover, daddy issues, Wall Street deceit. No, we’re not talking about presidential politics—it’s the best in soaps 2016!

Best Soap: The Bold and the Beautiful

There’s really no contest. CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful continues to be daytime’s kickiest treat, luring us with corporate scandal and high-stakes emotions—how the hell did psycho mama Quinn (Rena Sofer, star of the year) end up married to megamogul Eric (John McCook, above, center with Sofer)?—and delivering the kind of jaw-dropping, tune-in-tomorrow moments that leave fans downright giddy. And the show shines like a precious jewel! The other three daytime serials (The Young and the Restless, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives) all struggle with slashed budgets and frantic shooting schedules, and it shows. But somehow B&B, hit with the same pain-in-the-ass restrictions, is fresh, gorgeous and constantly innovative. (Love that thrilling drone-cam!) These folks care, deeply, passionately, and they always go the distance. I can’t tell you how much that means to us soap nuts.

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Best Actor: Billy Flynn, Days of Our Lives

This insanely gifted star dazzled us as Chad DiMera—the good-guy spawn of supervillain Stefano (the late Joseph Mascolo)—who was at war with his own toxic legacy and barely keeping it together as he mourned the sudden death of his wife and battled for custody of their child. Mark our words: Flynn (above, left), a former financial analyst for Warner Bros., is destined for greatness. So enjoy him now before you have to lay out big bucks to see him at your local multiplex!

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Best Actress: Melissa Reeves, Days of Our Lives

Many in soaps have played addiction stories, but none with more delicacy, nuance and bone-deep sadness than Reeves (above, right), whose sweetheart character, Jennifer Horton, descended into a living hell of painkillers and depression. Daytime Emmy voters tend to prefer fireworks, but this is the lady who should be taking home the gold.


Budig and Burton were on top of their game this year

Best Supporting Actor: Steve Burton, The Young and the Restless

With that fresh-from-the-gym bod and Mount Rushmore puss, it’s easy to dismiss him as yet another suds hunk getting by on machismo. But don’t be fooled. Burton’s year-end work as Dylan McAvoy, the hapless victim of a baby switch, was so subtly crafted and achingly poignant it can be summed up in just one word: perfection.

Best Supporting Actress: Rebecca Budig, General Hospital

As Hayden Barnes, the daughter of a Bernie Madoff–type con man who screwed thousands, Budig went from Port Charles pariah to romantic heroine in a fizzy, sexy transformation that’s simply intoxicating. Even Tracy Q (Jane Elliot), the town curmudgeon who pretty much hates everything and everybody, loves Hayden. That’s saying something.

Best Guest Star: Nichelle Nichols, The Young and the Restless

Nichelle Nichols "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS television City Los Angeles 07/27/16 © XJJOHNSON/ 310-657-9661


The Star Trek icon was both regal and heartbreaking as Lucinda Winters, who reunited on her deathbed with Neil (a superb Kristoff St. John), the son she abandoned years ago when she was a hopeless drunk. Shame on Hollywood for not giving Nichols more opportunities like this! She is an acting powerhouse.