‘The Resident’ Doctors Are Ready to Save Lives in Season 6 Poster (PHOTO)

The Cast of The Resident Season 6

“Defiance is the best medicine.”

At least, that’s what the new key art for The Resident Season 6, which TV Insider is exclusively revealing, tells us. It features all the series regulars for the new season (premiering September 20): Matt Czuchry (Dr. Conrad Hawkins), Bruce Greenwood (Dr. Randolph Bell), Jane Leeves (Dr. Kit Voss), Manish Dayal (Dr. Devon Pravesh), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Dr. AJ Austin), Jessica Lucas (Dr. Billie Sutton), Anuja Joshi (Dr. Leela Devi), and the two newest ones, Andrew McCarthy (Dr. Ian Sullivan) and Kaley Ronayne (Dr. Cade Sullivan). Check out the full version below.

The Cast of The Resident Season 6


Of course we can’t help but notice who’s standing with whom in the photo, which puts Conrad at the front center. Billie and Cade are together, over his shoulder, a likely hint to the love triangle introduced at the end of Season 5. He has made a decision, which we’ll see revealed when Season 6 begins. That’s not the only complicated relationship in Cade’s life; her father, Ian, also by her side, is now sticking around at Chastain permanently.

Season 5 also saw Bell thinking about his future as a surgeon following his multiple sclerosis diagnosis and deciding that he wants Leela to follow in his footsteps. We can’t help but note that Devon and Leela aren’t standing together, despite reuniting at the end of the season, especially since showrunner Andrew Chapman told us after the finale, “they’re gonna have a loving relationship, but it’s not gonna be without its bumps.”

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Who did Conrad choose? What's going to happen with Kit and Bell's wedding?

What the poster is not giving us any hint of is whether or not we’ll see Kit and Bell’s wedding to kick off the new season. They ended Season 5 engaged, and when we asked if we’d see the wedding itself, all Chapman said was, “We haven’t 100 percent figured that out. We probably will see it in Episode 1.”

The Resident, Season 6 Premiere, Tuesday, September 20, 8/7c, Fox