Who Said It? ’90s TV Show Edition (QUIZ)

Casts of 'Living Single,' 'Sex and the City,' and 'In Living Color'
Everett Collection

The TV shows of the ’90s gave us some unforgettable catchphrases. Thankfully for us, streaming services have made it possible to watch the origin episodes for all of these iconic lines.

From Joey Tribiani’s (Matt LeBlanc) “How you doin’?” in Friends, the “Yada, yada, yada” Seinfeld episode, and Michelle Tanner’s (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) “You got it, dude” in Full House, quotes from ’90s sitcoms and variety shows have gone from on-screen laughs and memorable moments to being part of our everyday vernacular. Truly, no one who watched TV in the ’90s can claim they haven’t used one of their favorite show’s catchphrases.

But what about the lesser known lines? Do you think you know your favorite ’90s show well enough to pinpoint any line from it? We brewed up the below quiz to test your knowledge. Some may be well known, but with so many seasons and so many episodes to comb through, there may be some here that trick you.

Put your ’90s TV knowledge to the test with our “Who Said It? ’90s TV Show Edition” quiz, and let us know how you did in the comments below.