James Corden Returning to U.K. After ‘The Late Late Show’ Exit

James Corden on The Late Late Show

James Corden will reportedly head back home to the U.K. after his time on The Late Late Show With James Corden ends in spring 2023. The late-night talk show host announced his departure in April, saying he always planned for the series to be just one chapter of his life, not the main event.

Corden’s Fulwell 73 co-founder, Ben Turner, said the production company is “really excited to get James back in the U.K.” while speaking at the Banff World Media Festival in Alberta, Canada, according to Variety.

“[Corden] has just got so many strings to his bow, and ‘Late’ is a big commitment that’s taken up so much of his time,” Turner said. “We’re just really excited about having him back in the U.K., and all the stuff that that entails, but it is a big moment for us.”

As for whether Corden, Turner, and Fulwell 73 will continue its working relationship with CBS after Corden’s exit, Turner said “It’s all conversations that are ongoing.” He also teased there will soon be announcements about future projects coming from the company. Fulwell is based in both London and Los Angeles.

Over at Paramount, CBS’ parent company, the network is reportedly considering replacing Corden with a panel of hosts next year. Additionally, they may get rid of the show’s live band feature, which would be large departure from most late-night show setups. Stars are already having their reps throw their hats in the consideration ring for Corden’s spot, three sources close to the matter told Variety. But CBS won’t seriously consider anyone until later this summer.

Fulwell’s Ben Winston, who works for both the production house and as an executive producer on The Late Late Show, is reportedly part of the discussions around how to fill Corden’s shoes next year. Corden announced his plans to leave The Late Late Show on April 28.

“When I started this journey, it was always going to be just that — it was going to be a journey, an adventure,” he said. “I never saw it as my final destination, and I never want this show to overstay its welcome. I always want to love making it. I really think in a year from now that will be a good time to move on to see what else is out there.”

“We all determined to make this the best year we have ever had. We are going to go out with a bang,” he added. “They’ll be tears, so many tears, because this has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I never took this for granted, ever.”

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