8 Pairings We’d Love to See in a ‘Walking Dead’ Universe Crossover


If the Walking Dead shows are going to cross over, they’d better hurry, because they’re running out of time!

Well, on second thought, more opportunities may present themselves. The main show concludes with its last batch of eight episodes this fall, but many major players will jump to their own spinoffs: Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to Isle of the Dead, Daryl (Norman Reedus) to his as-yet-untitled show, and who knows whom to who knows where else. Is it unlikely these characters will ever meet the cast from Fear? Probably. Will that stop us from speculating about it? Nope.

Just for fun, we’re contemplating which pairings we’d be most excited to see in a hypothetical Marvel- or CW-style crossover event for the franchise. (And if we’re lucky, some of ‘em might actually happen.)


Madison and Carol

We’re not totally sure whether these two would get along, but if they did, they’d be one heck of a duo. For one thing, they’re on about equal levels of bada**ery. And both can be pretty manipulative if necessary; for instance, when Madison (Kim Dickens) worked her way through the ranks within Broke Jaw Ranch and how Carol (Melissa McBride) managed during her “happy homemaker” phase. They can both get chaotic when the people they love are in danger or when they’re out for revenge, and, tragically, they’ve both lost children. They’re ultimate survivors, and one thing’s for sure: if they teamed up, no foe — human or walker — would stand a chance.


Eugene and Strand

This would be worth it just for the dialogue. Strand’s (Colman Domingo) not known for his brevity or simplicity of speech, and neither is the verbose Eugene (Josh McDermitt). Would either of them know what the other was talking about? Possibly not. Would it be fun to listen to? Oh, absolutely.


Maggie and Alicia

Maggie and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) are no strangers to loss, nor are they unfamiliar with the burden of leadership. They both came of age around the time the world ended (Maggie would’ve been a little older than Alicia), and both lost siblings with whom they were close. We think there’d be plenty of respect here, and they’d each see in the other a survivor worth following. Hopefully Alicia returns someday — for all we know, she’s established her own ”Meridian.”


Carol and June

If we’re less sure about Carol and Madison, we think June (Jenna Elfman) and Carol would probably get along. At their cores, both women want to help people and do the right thing — and they’ve both undergone major changes to become the person they are now.


Negan and Madison

These two would’ve been especially fun during Madison’s ruthless Season 3 days or during All Out War. We know Negan admires a strong, fearless woman who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and that’s a pretty apt description of Maddie Clark. We have to think he’d approve of her signature hammer, given that he also once dispatched enemies through blunt-force trauma. (As far as we know, Madison never named her hammer “Travis.”) But they also both understand what it’s like to look back and regret the things they’ve done, and they’ve both since decided to be better people. If nothing else, they each have an appreciation for a good leather jacket.


Hornsby and Strand

We’re not sure whether these two would be friends, or if they’d kill each other, or maybe…both? At any rate, Strand and Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) are playing an angle as often as they’re looking out for number one (which is to say, always). Strand would understand and probably try to get in on whatever power grab Hornsby’s trying to accomplish at the Commonwealth, and we could definitely see Hornsby taking over a tower in irradiated Texas.


Daryl and Alicia

At first, Daryl and Alicia don’t seem to have much in common. But Daryl, much like Maggie, has had to somewhat unwillingly take a position of leadership; that’s exactly what Alicia had to do in Season 7. They both had childhoods that were differing levels of crappy, what with Nick (Frank Dillane) getting most of Madison’s attention and Daryl’s father being abusive. Plus, they’ve each tried their best to honor the memory and wishes of someone they believe is “gone” who isn’t really gone — that’s Madison, for Alicia, and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) for Daryl. We have zero evidence for this, but we think Alicia and Dog would be good pals, too.


Rick and Morgan

Of all the pairings we listed, this is the one we feel most confident may one day happen. After all, Morgan (Lennie James) and Rick started the whole Walking Dead saga together on the outskirts of Atlanta, and it seems only right that they find each other again before it all ends. The question is more “when” than “if” — could they reunite in the series finale? The Rick movies? Another spinoff? Whenever it happened, we’d be happy to see it.

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