‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 Finale Is ‘the Final Chapter of the Liz Keen Story’

The Blacklist - Season 9
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

It was Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens)!

Now that Reddington (James Spader) knows his heretofore loyal lawyer was behind the death of his beloved Elizabeth (Megan Boone) and the blackmail of ex–task force chief Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix), “Red wants to kill Marvin for what he did to Liz,” says The Blacklist exec producer John Eisendrath. Why did he want to punish his longtime employer and mentor? Red had turned over his international syndicate to his beloved Liz.

Eisendrath continues, “Cooper will go to prison unless he can capture Marvin and make a case against him.” So Cooper and Red have the same target — but conflicting agendas.

Who will get to Marvin first?  Red almost did, in the last episode, but the FBI inadvertently aided his escape.

According to the EP, “The emotional stakes could not be higher“ in the season finale “This is the final chapter of the Liz Keen story,” he reveals. “Will her death be avenged? Will the person responsible for her murder go free? And will the outcome result in one of our most beloved characters going to prison?”

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

One thing we do know: The season ends with a revelation that puts Reddington in greater peril than ever before!”

The Blacklist, Season 9 Finale, Friday, May 27, 8/7c, NBC