‘Moon Knight’: How ‘The Office’ Helped Oscar Isaac With Steven’s Accent (VIDEO)

For Disney+‘s Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac is following in the long TV tradition of playing more than one character, but when it came to the persona of Steven Grant, the actor had a decision to make around his British accent. “It seemed like the opportunity to do something fun,” the actor tells TV Insider, sharing that while finding the right dialect for Steven, he took inspiration from the UK version of The Office, starring Ricky Gervais.

May Calamawy, who, as tough archeologist Layla El-Faouly, finds herself drawn to both Steven and Marc Spector (also played by Isaac).”I feel like she really accepts that they’re two different people,” Calamawy tells us before giving her costar props for making it easy. “Even as an actor, I didn’t know how to approach that but Oscar did such a good job in embodying Steven and Marc, I really felt like I was working with two different people.”

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Isaac himself saw Steven and Marc as two distinct individuals. “I found Steven first and then I thought ‘what is it that Steven provides to Marc?'” he says, explaining further that the alters (or personalities) can be very different, even in terms of their sexuality. “It really manifests itself as two different people and so that was important to approach it that way.”

Watch the interview with Isaac and Calamawy above.

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