WWE Superstar Becky Lynch on Her Staying Power: ‘I Am the Main Event’

Becky Lynch Women's Champion

Days before WrestleMania 38, then Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch participated in a press junket. A reporter started his line of questioning with, “You used to be the main event…”

This set off “Big Time Becks,” as the popular performer believed her match against Bianca Beliar was a headline-worthy bout. Lynch responded, “I am the main event. It doesn’t matter where on the card.”

Lynch’s confidence and ability to back up all the words she speaks have made her a trailblazer among the top WWE superstars, male or female. And Lynch and Belair may not have gone on last like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin against Kevin Owens or Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns, but they certainly put on a show-stealer given the social media response since.

For the Irish entertainer, it’s about the storytelling. Lynch will go all in on whatever promo, angle, or match in order to hook viewers. The latest example came when Belair cut Lynch’s hair, which she colored orange and turned into a new look likened to The Fifth Element‘s Leeloo played by badass Milla Jovovich.

“That’s all this is. It’s story,” Lynch told TV Insider. “When we watch anything, we’re watching and listening to a story. So you want to tell that in the best, most intriguing way possible. It’s an art. That’s the part I love about this more than anything, being able to take the audience on a ride. We see the athleticism. We see the moves. That’s not what draws us in. What draws us in is emotion.

“It’s the in-between. The rawness of it all. I’m not the most athletic in the world, but I can tell one hell of a story. That’s the part I’ve focused on. How can I tell the best story? How do I take them on that ride? How do I draw out that emotion? As the old saying goes, people won’t remember what you did or said, but how you made them feel.”

Becky Lynch


Presentation is another aspect of the business that is so important these days in the age of social media. Lynch is a master at knowing what will garner a reaction, a trait she shares with her husband and fellow superstar Seth Rollins. The couple have become fashion icons within the WWE Universe with fans wondering what over-the-top looks they’ll wear next.

“We don’t really discuss it. We show each other things, and then are like, ‘That’s freakin’ wild. That’s awesome. I’m jealous of that.’ He has some items in his closet that I want to alter and tailor and wear myself because they are so badass. He is the same way. Although it is a lot easier for me to alter his stuff than him to alter mine.”

Lynch’s achievements speak for themselves as a former record-setting women’s champion and WrestleMania draw. Right up there is being a mother to daughter Roux. The 35-year-old returned to the ring at SummerSlam last year in the best shape of her career. She is proof you can have it all.

“I feel very blessed that I’m able to do so many things I love and have my child there with me, touring with me,” she explained. “We make it so we take flights around the nap schedule. It has been great. It has been fantastic. I’m in the best run of my career, and to have her alongside me is everything.”

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When questioned about her next goal, her trademark response is, “I am the goal.” She continued, “I am the thing people want to reach for, want to achieve. They want to have a match with ‘Big Time Becks.’ I just want to stay there. I want to enjoy my 360 views where there ain’t nobody touching me.”

Of course, with someone as driven as “The Man,” there are still overall aspirations. Maybe following in the footsteps of those before her. Hollywood heavyweight Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson comes to mind.

“There is a script that landed on my desk about a female boxer that I have been trying to track down the writers for,” Lynch revealed. “A female boxer from Ireland who came over and made her name as champion over here. I relate to that story…as the main event!”

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