‘Rawhide,’ ‘Perry Mason,’ ‘Bewitched’ & More Family Classics to Watch on FETV

Clint Eastwood in Rawhide
Everett Collection

Looking to revisit some old classics? FETV has you covered with a slate featuring Rawhide, Perry Mason, and more favorites. Below, learn how and when to watch these TV staples.


Ride ’em in! This classic 1959–65 series covers the dusty trail cattle drivers rode in the Wild West. Along with having one of TV’s coolest theme songs, it also introduced viewers to a young Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates. And Rowdy figures big in the Season 5 premiere, “Incident of the Hunter” (Monday, April 11, 3/2c), when he meets someone he once knew as a fellow soldier, whose new occupation is far more nefarious.

Perry Mason

We’re legally bound to point you toward this 1957–66 courtroom drama — one of TV history’s best — airing weekdays at 4/3c. In the Season 1 installment “The Case of the One-Eyed Witness,” running Tuesday, April 12, the brilliant, stalwart defense attorney (Raymond Burr) must think on his feet when a client who’s being blackmailed is suddenly also charged with two murders.

Bewitched (Credit: Everett Collection)


When’s the witching hour? Week-days at noon/11am c, thanks to this beloved 1964–72 comedy. In Season 5’s “Daddy Does His Thing” (Thursday, April 14), supernatural wife Samantha’s (Elizabeth Montgomery) dad turns her mortal husband Darrin (Dick York) into a chess-playing donkey!


Have no fear — Squad 51 firefighter-paramedics Roy DeSoto and John Gage (Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth) always come to the rescue in this thrilling 1972–77 drama. Case in point: the Season 2 episode “Drivers” (Saturday, April 16, 10/9c), which finds the pair avoiding numerous near-collisions on the streets of Los Angeles and, later, assisting folks trapped in a hotel fire.

LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow. 1957-1963

Leave It to Beaver

No family represents the 1950s suburban ideal better than the Cleavers in this gentle sitcom. In the 1957–63 series’ Season 3 episode “Pet Fair” (Friday, April 15, 11:30am/10:30c), the ever-inquisitive Beaver (Jerry Mathers) squawks to his pals about having a pet parrot (which he doesn’t), only to find he can’t afford to buy one before the coming pet fair.