‘American Idol’ Hands Out Final Golden Tickets Headed Into ‘Hollywood Week’ (RECAP)

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ABC/Eric McCandless

After the golden statues were presented American Idol kept the Oscars party going with final auditions heading into “Hollywood Week.” The last of those coveted golden tickets were handed out before the “Genre Challenge” gets underway on the March 27 episode.

The start of what has historically proven to be a grueling musical boot camp. Idol certainly saved some of the best for last. Who impressed judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan? Who didn’t quite make the cut? Who made it through? Find out below.

Yoli Mayor


ABC/Eric McCandless

The 26-year-old wanted to do Miami and her Cuban people proud including grandma. This purple-haired hopeful brought a little Latin flavor with an original song “Beautifully Broken Things.” Luke loved how she commanded an audience and set the tone in energy. Lionel said she caught fire from the first note. Katy liked the texture of her voice but was waiting for a little more dynamic sound. Luke was a yes. Katy was a no. Lionel said he would take the gamble with a si.

Danielle Clavell


ABC/Eric McCandless

The 21-year-old actress started things off with a salsa dance-off with Lionel. Then the Queens got into her audition song “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. Lionel felt her voice is extremely expressive. Katy didn’t want her to act that much and to perform like how she would sing in the car. Danielle chose the second song in “Trainwreck” where she listened to the judges’ tips. The three gave her a ticket to Hollywood as a result.

Katyrah Love


ABC/Eric McCandless

The 23-year-old was looking to bring out the good in Baltimore, where she serves as a case manager for homeless youth. She sang “River” by Bishop Briggs. Lionel says it’s all about the presentation. Luke and Katy liked her vibe. Not sure she needed the box tapping. Lionel was excited about where she is going o take this ride on to Hollywood.

Brooks Kidd


ABC/Eric McCandless

The 19-year-old from London, Kentucky opened up about being bullied for his weight growing up. He has since lost 60 pounds, but that hasn’t helped the cruelty. The bullying led to him having suicidal thoughts but found music to light his way. He performed “Mad World” by Michael Andrew. Luke loves an experience and said the audition felt like an experience. Katy liked the reserved personality with explosive vocals. Lionel was impressed by his vocal, especially for someone of such a young age.



ABC/Eric McCandless

The 20-year-old nanny from Burbank brightened up the audition space. Lionel liked the package of talent. Katy enjoyed the jazzy feel of her voice. Luke liked the performance but doesn’t want her getting caught in jazz land for too long. The judges gave three yeses.



ABC/Eric McCandless

The 22-year-old from Elgin, South Carolina bounced around the foster system around 10 times. He was taken from his mom as she was not deemed fit to care for him. His last foster dad was a band director, which set him on the right path. For the audition, Maurice chose “Whiskey Glasses” by Morgan Wallen. He is used to performing for audiences as a busker. Luke thought some of those signature things he does can set them apart if he can fine-tune them. Lionel thought he had flavor. Katy felt he is worth investigating.

Israel McFarland


ABC/Eric McCandless

The 21-year-old grew up with strict parents who didn’t like secular music. Katy can relate to this upbringing. The Nashville audio engineer caught the judges off guard with his cussing. He chose to perform a song called “The Cost.” Luke thought the song had a lot of cool things about it, and that he could morph into an incredible songwriter. Maybe not as a singer. Lionel thought he brought a classic explosion of artistry. Katy and Luke thought there is still work to be done vocally. Lionel gave him a yes, which was not enough for him to make it to the next round.

Ava Maybee


ABC/Eric McCandless

The 20-year-old from Los Angeles is no stranger to music. The daughter of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith showcased her own talents. Katy thought she has a really cool alto. She also appreciated the fact that she could make floral and leopard prints work. Lionel found her voice showed remnants of Cher. Luke saw her as an artist. Ava Maybee goes from maybe to yes.



ABC/Eric McCandless

Scarlett earned a golden ticket last season, but the now 18-year-old didn’t go to Hollywood. She wasn’t doing well in school and needed to get that part of her life right. After graduating with honors the Hartford, Connecticut sandwich artist returned with an original song for another shot at realizing her Idol dreams. Luke said she has a commercial voice. Katy said they didn’t make a mistake the first time. Lionel is glad she came back. Scarlet brought her grandmother in to meet Lionel and to hear that she is really headed to Hollywood this time.

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