‘Kenan’ Heads to Miami in a Season 2 Finale Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

It seems like just yesterday that Kenan‘s second season began (it was January 3), but the final two episodes are already here. And in the January 31 finale, everyone’s going to Miami! TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at their arrival at the hotel.

As Mika (Kimrie Lewis) leaves the others, Kenan (Kenan Thompson) can’t help but ask, “Did you all notice she was half-naked up underneath that cover-up?” But as Tami (Taylor Louderman) sees it, “Good for her. A woman that knows what she wants.” To that, Gary (Chris Redd) scoffs, “Unlike you,” before explaining, “David’s only crime was loving you too damn much.”

Tami disagrees. “No, his only crime was crying every time we had sex,” she says. “It’s called a tear-gasm, and it represents strength in some countries,” he tells her. Watch the clip above to hear some of Gary’s examples, then see what happens when only Kenan and Janay (Hayley Marie Norman) are left. Can they agree on what to do first? What’s her reaction to his enthusiastic suggestion?

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First up is “Moving Violation” on Monday, in which Kenan and Gary must clear the basement of their childhood memorabilia, forcing the latter to evaluate his goals in life, when their mother, Bobbi (Vanessa Bell Calloway), decides to sell the family home.

Then it’s in “Destroying Miami” that Kenan, Gary, Mika, Tami, and Phil (Jeff Lewis) head to Miami for some fun, but love in the air leads to a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, Rick (Don Johnson) and Loretta (Maria Canals-Barrera) stay behind at home to watch the girls, but nothing goes smoothly there either.

Kenan, Season 2 Finale, Monday, January 31, 8/7c, NBC