5 Ways ‘Chicago Fire’ Could Fix Its Truck 81 Dilemma With Kidd & Pelham

Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd, Brett Dalton at Jason Pelham in Chicago Fire
Adrian Burrows Sr/NBC

Chicago Fire has a bit of a dilemma on its hands at the moment: two lieutenants qualified to lead Truck 81, but only one spot.

Following Captain Matt Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) move, Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) was under the assumption that Lieutenant Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), who thought she’d have to leave 51 with the promotion, would take over. But she was off busy with her “Girls on Fire” program, and floater Jason Pelham (Brett Dalton) became a permanent addition to the house.

When she came back, she wasn’t leaping at the opportunity to take over as lieutenant, but she also was uncertain of Pelham. But she successfully led the charge in fighting his termination against a chief who had it out for him. And she was the one to deliver the good news: He was (still) in as Truck 81’s lieutenant. “You’re a part of 51, Pelham,” she told him. “We got your back.”

But as Kidd showed when she was filling in as acting lieutenant, she can do the job. So what does this mean for 81 going forward? How might Chicago Fire resolve this issue?

Pelham Leaves 51 by the End of the Season

The facts are simple: Mayo is a series regular, Dalton is not (though that could always change). Because of the chief who had it out for him, Pelham spent his time floating until he landed at 51 — and they were clearly the first ones to fight for him (when he wasn’t even doing so for himself). Now that the truth has come out about the chief, maybe he’ll be able — and want — to find a new home at one of those houses.

Pelham Becomes 51’s New Battalion Chief, Kidd Takes Over on Truck

Sure, it probably would be too soon for Pelham to make that jump — he’s not even a captain yet — but this is a TV show and that would be one way to keep both at 51 and onscreen. After all, they haven’t filled that spot following Boden’s promotion (though he is back in his old office and at times seemingly still taking care of those responsibilities).

Brett Dalton at Jason Pelham, Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd in Chicago Fire

Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Pelham or Kidd Moves to Another Shift or House

Anything can happen, including a transfer, for any of these characters (though, again, Mayo’s status as a series regular does seem to suggest she’s not going anywhere).

Kidd Does “Slow Things Down a Bit”

Just because Kidd’s now a lieutenant doesn’t mean she needs to take command; Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) didn’t for years after he passed the test. And she did tell Boden when she returned from her extended leave, “I’m still very excited to become a lieutenant. I just want to slow things down a bit and take advantage of everything I can do now, too.” She now knows she can do the job, but that doesn’t mean she has to just yet.

Kidd or Pelham Dies

After all, this is a dangerous job, but would it be too dark in both cases — Kidd, with the upcoming Stellaride wedding, and Pelham, who has finally found a firehouse?

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