‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Robin Lord Taylor Teases McClane’s Connection to Angela

Robin Lord Taylor as Sebastian McClane in Law & Order Organized Crime
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On Law & Order: Organized Crime, hacker Sebastian McClane (recurring guest star Robin Lord Taylor) may no longer be behind bars, thanks to Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott), but that doesn’t mean that they’re at all alike.

After all, as we know, Richard is out to ruin Detective Elliot Stabler’s (Christopher Meloni) life, while McClane “really is a good person,” Taylor tells TV Insider. “He’s a good person who has gone wrong, but he’s a true hearted person.”

Taylor tells us more about Sebastian McClane, a.k.a. Constantine, and what’s ahead.

Last we saw Sebastian, he was brought to Richard and Angela (Tamara Taylor). Richard said they had to keep him on the move. So where are we going to see him going forward? Constantly moving locations or finding a home base?

Robin Lord Taylor: He does need to keep moving around, just because he’s got Stabler hunting for him and as we know, Stabler doesn’t give up. So, he’s gotta stay one step ahead of him. It’s really interesting because he has to work with Richard Wheatley. Wheatley sprung him from jail. So now he’s sort of stuck working for this person that he maybe not necessarily agrees with on any sort of moral level. But then at the same time, there are loose ends that he wants to tie up since he was imprisoned. So, he is also using Wheatley, so it’s a really fun dance that they’re doing in the next episode. And yeah, again, staying two steps ahead of Stabler, they sort of need each other to do that.

Speaking of those loose ends, what can you say about what he’s up to in this week’s episode?

As we learned in the previous episode, tragically because of his actions, a security guard was killed. He’s serving a life sentence for that. Because he is a good person, he just carries so much guilt, especially when what he was trying to do when this person died was to do a virtuous thing, to redistribute wealth and to be like a Robin Hood for the people. And then because of that, someone died. As we go forward, that’s part of what he’s using Wheatley for, is to be able to deal with that guilt and right some of those wrongs that he made before he went to prison.

Tamara Taylor as Angela Wheatley, Robin Lord Taylor as Sebastian McClane, Dylan McDermott as Richard Wheatley in Law & Order Organized Crime

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You brought up how he feels about Richard, but does he trust the Wheatleys at all, as much as anyone in their line of work can trust someone? Because Richard did make good on his promise to break him out…

It’s true, and they do have a history. They had met before. But no, he does not trust Wheatley one bit, because again, he is just as smart as Wheatley is. And he not only is trying to stay two steps ahead of Stabler, he’s trying to stay two steps ahead of Wheatley which, as we know, is really difficult in this world. But I can say that another person that comes into his life is a Wheatley’s ex-wife, Angela Wheatley, played by the incredible Tamara Taylor. There’s a connection there. That’s also something gonna play out in the next few episodes.

We saw that in the winter premiere, when Richard was like, oh, this is my wife. And she immediately corrects him with ex-wife.

Yeah. She’s always coming right in with that ex.

Sebastian’s actually a member of a small club, knowing that Angela’s fully recovered. How much does he know about what’s going on, what’s being kept secret?

He’s done his homework. He knows about Angela. As we know, as watchers of the show, Angela Wheatley is also a good person. She’s a good person, who’s, again, found herself in a really terrible place really due to no fault of her own, just being a human and making mistakes. And then here she is kind of stuck with this man who is a sociopath, who is just one of the most evil people in the world. That’s sort of part of that connection that McClane and Angela have. They gotta get around this guy if they have any chance to survive.

We have yet to see Sebastian and Stabler get closer than a block apart. What can you tease about their dynamic when the two finally interact?

When Stabler’s got his eye on you and he’s hunting you down, it’s only a matter of time until he gets you because he’s Stabler, he’s legend. I think when they do meet, at least on McClane’s side, because again, he is an altruistic person, he has respect for Stabler. He doesn’t hate the cops. He hates the systems that enable inequality in society. That’s what Sebastian hates, but he understands what Stabler is trying to do, so there’s respect there.

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