‘Dollface’: Jules & Her Gal Pals Face the Fear of Aging in a First Look (VIDEO)

Dollface Season 2 Shay Mitchell, Brenda Song, Kat Dennings, Esther Povitsky

Jules (Kat Dennings) is about to be 30, bad at flirty, and not really thriving if the latest trailer for Hulu‘s Dollface is any indication.

The comedy returns for Season 2 beginning Friday, February 11, and Hulu is giving viewers a first look at the hilarious shenanigans that Jules and her best friends — Madison (Brenda Song), Izzy (Esther Povitsky), and Stella (Shay Mitchell) — are getting into.

Dollface Season 2 key art

(Credit: Hulu)

Along with the trailer, below, the streamer also unveiled a brand new piece of key art featuring the ladies as they attempt to stay atop a giant 30th birthday cake. You could say it’s a metaphor for the way they’re handling the next step in their lives as Jule’s sinks as if it’s quicksand.

After reconnecting with her besties in Season 1, Jules is now having to balance keeping the group together as they each go on their individual journeys of navigating work and love, while also developing a deeper relationship with themselves. There to throw Jules’ life off-kilter is her Cat Lady friend who hits her with a dose of reality every now and then along with the fact that she’s adjusting to life “post-pandemic.”

The trailer also teases the return of Jules’ boss Celeste (Malin Akerman) and the new addition of Lilly Singh who pops up in a barroom, along with more familiar faces. Dollface is executive produced by creator Jordan Weiss, showrunner Michelle Nader, Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Josey McNamara, Bryan Unkeless, Scott Morgan, Kat Dennings, and Nicole King.

Check out the trailer, below, and don’t miss Dollface‘s long-awaited return on Hulu in February.

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