10 of the Most Memorable Moments from ‘The Expanse’

The Expanse Season 6
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Throughout the past five seasons of Amazon Studios’ The Expanse, there have been plenty of moments worth talking about—from speeches, to jumps out of airlocks without suits, to deaths that made us cry.

Ahead of the show’s final batch of six episodes, premiering Friday, December 10, we decided to relive our 10 favorite scenes—in no particular order—from the sci-fi epic so far.

“I am that guy.” (Season 3, episode 6)

Indeed, he is. Topping many fans’ lists is likely this badass Season 3 scene with Amos (Wes Chatham), in which he prevents the kindhearted Prax (Terry Chen) from killing the villainous Dr. Strickland, telling his pal that he isn’t “that guy.” Prax leaves, and Strickland, thinking Amos has spared him, thanks the mechanic…only for Amos to say he is “that guy” and shoot Strickland without a second thought.

Drummer’s Speech (Season 3, episode 9)

On the precipice of their journey through the Ring, Drummer (Cara Gee) gives a speech to her crew—and creates one of the show’s most thrilling moments. From her passionate delivery to the thumping of her people’s boots on the deck and the pounding of their hands on the railings, everything blends together perfectly. Yeah, we’d follow Drummer through the Ring, too.

Miller Meets Julie (Season 2, episode 5)

He belonged with her. Throughout the first few seasons, Miller’s (Thomas Jane) faith in and deep affection for Julie Mao (Florence Faivre) was evident during his investigation into her disappearance and even after her death. So, while it was heartbreaking, it made sense that he chose to stay on Eros and die with her—or rather, her protomolecule-resurrected self.

Miller’s Return (Seasons 3 and 4, various episodes)

“Doors and corners, kid. You go into the room too fast… the room eats you.” As we know, Miller’s death wasn’t totally final—the character of Miller was gone, but Holden (Steven Strait) continued to see him in various forms as “The Investigator,” a protomolecule-induced hallucination. This made for some pretty hilarious moments when Holden was having terse conversations with someone invisible to everyone else… and for a phenomenal scene on Ilus.

Naomi’s Escape (Season 5, episode 7)

One of the most harrowing sequences in the show occurred in Season 5, when Naomi (Dominique Tipper) jumped out into space without a suit to escape Marco Inaros’ (Keon Alexander) clutches. The show makes effective use of silence as she hurtles through the icy void, which makes the thunk as she lands on the ship and opens the door all the more powerful.

Setting Foot on Ilus (Season 4, Episode 1)

This was a monumental moment for both the characters and the show. Season 4 was the first to come from Amazon Studios, which saved The Expanse from cancellation by Syfy, so the mere fact that this scene existed was cause for celebration. But beyond that, the Roci crew landing on a new planet on the opposite side of the ring gate was emotional and moving; especially for Naomi, who, as a Belter, had never set foot on a planet before.

Ashford’s Death (Season 4, episode 10)

Klaes Ashford (David Strathairn), at first, didn’t seem like a character we’d mourn. In his introductory episodes it wasn’t clear whether he was there to help Drummer or to seize power from her—but then, in a surprising turn of events, he proved himself her loyal friend and became one of the few people she truly respected…which made his death at Marco’s hands in the final episode of Season 4 all the more tragic. He goes out the airlock singing a song he used to sing to his young daughter, and we shed plenty of tears.

The Canterbury “Flip and Burn” (Season 1, episode 1)

One of the best “scientific” moments on the show occurs in the first season, when the Cant does its iconic 180 “flip and burn.” It’s one of many “here comes the juice” scenes, but it showed how committed The Expanse was to the details of its sci-fi world right out of the gate—and on top of that, it’s just cool.

Bobbie Sees the Ocean (Season 2, episode 10)

Most of Bobbie’s (Frankie Adams) time on Earth is memorable, but this scene, in which she finds joy in experiencing Earth’s ocean, stands out. By itself, the score is incredible; but it’s also a phenomenal moment for Bobbie’s character, setting up her connection with Avasarala (Shohreh Agdashloo) and her questioning the “dream of Mars.”

Drummer and Ashford (Season 3, episode 11)

All of Ashford and Drummer’s interactions as they’re trapped between the metal components of an excavator are pure gold (like Drummer’s “If this is one of your teaching moment, I prefer for bleed out in silence”). But the most impactful moment arrives at the end, when Drummer figures out a way she can get the device to move…and breaks her spine to set Ashford free. It’s a testament to Drummer’s selflessness—she knows her ship needs a captain, and she can still give it one in Ashford—as well as Ashford’s kindness and faith in Drummer, as he tries to keep her spirits up throughout the episode and calls for a medic for her right away.

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