Do You Want More ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ After the Christmas Movie? (POLL)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas.]

When NBC canceled Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist after two seasons, it did so leaving fans with quite the cliffhanger: After watching Zoey (Jane Levy) hear people’s inner thoughts as heart songs, suddenly, her boyfriend Max (Skylar Astin) gained the ability to do so — just as the finale ended! Fortunately, thanks to The Roku Channel, we got a Christmas movie, one that answered at least some of our questions.

In Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, we had Zoey and Max together, plus her family — Maggie (Mary Steenburgen), David (Andrew Leeds), and Emily (Alice Lee) — figuring out how to celebrate their first Christmas without Mitch (Peter Gallagher). There was family life for Mo (Alex Newell) with Perry (David St. Louis) and his kids, fantastic (and fantastical) musical numbers, and theories about those heart songs. (Really, our only major complaint was the lack of Lauren Graham’s Joan.) Plus, we saw Zoey at work at SPRQ Point and being friends with Simon (John Clarence Stewart) as they both dealt with complicated feelings about the holidays with their families (after that love triangle ended), plus Bernadette Peters dropped by as Deb and Maggie, who debated dating again, had a bittersweet moment at Mitch’s grave on Christmas.

The film even gave us a reason for Max gaining Zoey’s ability — to better understand what it does to her — while teasing one for her having it without actually giving us an answer. Levy liked that that was left open-ended, she told TV Insider. Her own theory is her character “got them because of losing her dad and instead of becoming more withdrawn from life to become more involved with it.” That would give Zoey’s something to explore further if this isn’t the end.

Now, we would love to see more Zoey’s in any form, whether it be another full season or just a second movie (or series of movies). As Astin pointed out, the movie shows “that our show can exist outside of the typical SPRQ Point, Zoey’s apartment backdrop. There’s other holidays that we can explore. There’s other locations we can explore. We can take [these characters] through whatever life has to offer.” And Levy said she’d love to continue to “partake in the musical numbers instead of just observe them.”

But now we turn it over to you, the readers. Do you want to see Zoey’s continue? If so, how? Let us know in the poll below.

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