‘Wheel of Fortune’ Spooks Horror Fans With ‘Pure Evil’ Puzzle

Wheel of Fortune Candyman puzzle

Wheel of Fortune got into the spooky season spirit on Wednesday, but one particular creepy puzzle had even the most hardcore horror fans hiding behind their sofas.

The puzzle in question saw the same word listed four times in a row, and it was brave contestant Jordan who plucked up the courage to say the answer out loud. “CANDYMAN CANDYMAN CANDYMAN CANDYMAN,” Jordan answered, referencing the classic 1992 horror film and its recent 2021 sequel, co-written by Jordan Peele.

In the films, the Candyman is an evil spirit who kills anyone who says his name five times in front of a mirror. Luckily, Wheel of Fortune only listed the infamous name four times, but even that was too much tempting fate for some viewers.

“They have a death wish,” tweeted one fan, while another commented, “Wheel of Fortune just had “Candyman Candyman Candyman” as their phrase and that is pure evil.”

Another viewer said that the long-running game show was “playing a dangerous game.” And one unfortunate soul said that the show tricked him into saying “Candyman” four times.

Things only got spookier from there when host Pat Sajak decided to push things one step further. “That, by the way, for those of you that don’t know is from a film called, Candyman,” Sajak said. “And I said it a fifth time which means he appears, isn’t that the way it works? Maybe he’s under the wheel.”

“They just summoned Candyman on Wheel of Fortune,” wrote one viewer.

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Despite potentially unleashing a demonic, murderous entity on the NBC studios, it was a happy ending for contestant Jordan, who walked away with a winning total of $40,610.

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