Lucy Hale Says AMC+’s ‘Ragdoll’ Shares Some DNA With ‘Killing Eve’

Ragdoll star Lucy Hale
Luke Varley/AMC
Luke Varley/AMC

In a London flat, detectives examine a grisly crime scene: body parts from six people stitched together to form a “ragdoll.”

The youngest sleuth, U.S. transplant Lake Edmunds (Lucy Hale), warily observes her jaded Brit superiors, Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira). Rose has a personal connection to the case, and Edmunds, hints Hale, “knows there’s more [there].”

Ragdoll Lucy Hale AMC+

(Credit: Luke Varley/AMC)

The Pretty Little Liars alum says that this six-parter from Killing Eve exec producer Sally Woodward Gentle shares some of the same DNA as Eve, including an American ex-pat chasing a psycho, dark humor, and an imperfect hero in Edmunds.

“She’s done something that’s eating away at her,” teases Hale. “She risks everything to prove her place.”

Ragdoll, Series Premiere, Thursday, November 11, AMC+