That’s Some Scary Ship! Jack Osbourne Describes His ‘Night of Terror’ With Sister Kelly

Night of Terror + Jack Osbourne + Kelly Osbourne

If the boat’s a-rockin’…ya’ll might want to run for dry land!

In Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror, a gift to Halloween fans from streaming service Discovery+, the rock-n-roll royalty offspring are taking on a situation scarier than any crazy train their dad Ozzy Osbourne howled about in his heyday: A full night in the empty—and legendarily haunted—RMS Queen Mary cruise liner.

“We had crazy stuff happen,” Jack says of their sleepover on the Long Beach, California, tourist attraction. “From walking into a room where there’s no power on that side of the ship and the light will turn on, to walking down a hallway and getting this crazy smell of women’s perfume.” Shut down to visitors during COVID, the dry-docked icon has seen an uptick in supernatural activity, according to Mark Frances, the Queen Mary’s managing director. In the special, Frances meets Jack and Kelly early on to explain what the ship was originally intended for, what RMS actually stands for and why he is the only person living onboard. Most importantly, he’s there to warn them that there have been instances of paranormal activity all over the ship. And not just cold spots or sudden scents. We’re talking manifestations and grabby ghosts.

Night of Terror + Jack Osbourne + Kelly Osbourne

Jack and Kelly Osbourne in the Rope Locker on the Queen Mary while filming Portal To Hell in Long Beach, California.

“It was a lot of stuff,” confirms Osbourne, who has been in the paranormal-investigation game for several years now, following a lifetime of curiosity. “And we uncover some pretty interesting new information about the ship.” Including a few grisly facts that would explain why unhappy spirits roam the decks. “[The ship] went back and forth between Europe and America so many times during the second World War and they would bring back German POWs,” he continues. “They threw them into this hold at the bottom of the ship, right near the boilers and a bunch of them cooked to death.”

While the Portals to Hell host has gotten used to otherworldy instances, his hilarious sister wasn’t entirely convinced. Until now. “The whole purpose of me taking my family on these kind of adventures is to open their eyes a little bit. They think what I do is like, ‘Oh, it’s just ridiculous. You’re just running around the dark, cosplaying.'” But after participating in the event—which also earns them the honor of being the very first paranormal investigators to perform a televised snoop around the historical ship with full access—sis may be less sus.

“Kelly is, I think, a little bit more open to these experiences than she ever thought,” he says, laughing. “She was having a lot of really interesting experiences.”

Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror, Now Streaming, Discovery+