Danica McKellar on the ‘Wonder Years’ Reunion in ‘You, Me & The Christmas Trees’ (VIDEO)

Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is almost here as You, Me & The Christmas Trees kicks off the festive slate of programming on Friday, October 22.

Starring Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years), Benjamin Ayres (Suits), and Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years), the movie follows Olivia (McKellar) who is Connecticut’s resident expert on evergreens. Days before Christmas, Jack (Ayres), a Christmas tree farmer seeks her help in eradicating an illness among his trees that could ruin the holiday season business.

Olivia agrees to help out in order to avoid heading home for the holidays right away due to recent heartbreak months earlier. In the meantime, Olivia pours herself into her work in an effort to uncover the reason behind Jack’s dying trees. The movie uncovers new Christmas connections and the connection Jack’s trees have to a rival farmer Dwayne (Hervey).

In an interview with TV Insider’s Damian Holbrook, above, McKellar previews what viewers can expect from the festive film.”It is my seventh,” McKellar shares, referring to the number of Christmas films she’s featured in for Hallmark. “It’s so cute, and I love that I get to play a scientist in it,” she adds, referring to Olivia’s tree expertise in the film.

McKellar also highlights working with former Wonder Years costar Hervey, “this is the first time that Jason and I have worked together since The Wonder Years… and it was so fun to share the screen with him again.”

See what else McKellar’s divulging in the video interview, above, and don’t miss You, Me & The Christmas Trees when it airs on Hallmark.

You, Me & The Christmas Trees, Movie Premiere, Friday, October 22, 8/7c, Hallmark Channel