7 Stories We’d Love to See on ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’

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Death is not the end…at least that seems like it’ll be the case for certain characters in the Walking Dead universe (thank goodness).

With the announcement that Tales of the Walking Dead will premiere next summer, we’ve started thinking about which characters we’d like to see featured on the series. The description of the show says Tales could incorporate characters who had met their end in previous seasons, so not being part of the current storylines doesn’t preclude them from showing up—and there are definitely some long-gone characters we’d love to make a return.

Here are seven stories we think Tales could tell well.

'The Walking Dead' Star Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee

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Anything Glenn-Related

We know he was a pizza delivery man, so…why not give us a whole episode of Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) delivering pizzas? In all sincerity, it would be wonderful to see Glenn again if Steven Yeun would return for an episode. Plus, a pre-apocalyptic story delving a little deeper into a fan-favorite character would be all kinds of fun.

What Happened to the Vatos?

Technically, we do know what happened to the Vatos — in a deleted scene, it was revealed that their Atlanta camp was overrun, with all members of the group being killed. But since they were one of the most fascinating groups the show ever featured, we wouldn’t mind seeing them again.


Fear’s Post-Dam Time Jump

This could be an entire season of a show on its own, but since Tales is only devoting a single episode to each story, we’ll take what we can (maybe) get. Fear the Walking Dead has never delved much into the events that led up to the founding of the stadium, but there are so many questions left unanswered: How did everyone reunite? Did they run into any trouble on the road? Granted, it might be tricky to get Frank Dillane and Kim Dickens back for this, but it’d be wonderful to see their characters again.

Lee and Walker Heading North

This is another storyline we didn’t get much closure on from Season 3 of Fear, since Walker (Michael Greyeyes) and Lee (Justin Rain) never appeared after “Sleigh Ride.” They were both interesting characters, and it’d be neat to follow their journey to see whether they did, indeed, really make it “north.”

The Walking Dead Negan AMC Jeffery Dean Morgan

Heeeeere’s Negan, Part II

Again, this could be its own show, and if AMC decides to do a Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) spinoff, this would probably be it. But if a Negan-centric program isn’t in the works, maybe it’s possible to get an episode or two of Tales showing key moments from how he formed the Saviors; plus, if it’s only a couple of episodes, the chances that Simon (Steven Ogg) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) could make an appearance improve drastically.

Revisiting Terminus

Much like the Vatos group, we know basic details of what happened and how Terminus rose and fell, but seeing it would be so much better. Gareth (Andrew J. West) was one of the most delightfully creepy villains the show ever had, and it was a pity to see him and the rest of the “Termites” taken out so soon — even though it did give us a badass scene with Rick (Andrew Lincoln).


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More from the Initial Outbreak

One of the major criticisms of Fear was that it didn’t do enough with the original “societal collapse” portion of its story, but Tales could rectify that. Whether it tells a story in Atlanta, Los Angeles or in another major city — New York would be awesome, for example — an hour dedicated to the outbreak and subsequent collapse could make for riveting television.

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