Former ‘Wonder Years’ Dad Dan Lauria Previews His ‘Goldbergs’ Guest Role

Dan Lauria The Goldbergs Season 9

ABC is gearing up for one epic night of nostalgia on October 13 as stars of the original Wonder Years pop up in the comedy lineup to fill different guest roles.

Among them is Dan Lauria, who played dad Jack Arnold in the beloved late ’80s series. For his guest-starring gig, he’s dropping in on The Goldbergs for the aptly titled episode, “The William Penn Years.” Lauria takes on the role of Arnie Wolfy, the Goldbergs’ neighbor who has plans to sell his home, something that Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is quite eager to investigate.

The Goldbergs Dan Lauria

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When he was asked to participate in the special programming takeover, Lauria said, “Anything I can do to help, I’m in.” In the installment, he goes toe-to-toe with Goldberg family patriarch Murray (Jeff Garlin), who is a far cry from Lauria’s Wonder Years character, at least in his eyes.

“Jack Arnold wasn’t that funny,”  Lauria muses. “I mean, I had some funny moments, but I wasn’t the comic relief of The Wonder Years, that’s for sure.” Now, he’s sure to get a laugh or two as Wolfy, who isn’t one to back down from a dispute as he and Murray work through an ongoing conflict.

Dan Lauria The Goldbergs

(Credit: ABC)

Working with the cast was a much more friendly affair behind the scenes despite the light feuding going on in front of the cameras. “They were all great,” Lauria says.”We had a good time and they were all fans of The Wonder Years so it made it easier for me. There was even somebody on the crew that worked on The Wonder Years. So it was a lot of fun.”

The actor is no stranger to guest roles, as he’s taken on short stints on several fan favorites like This Is UsBlue Bloods, and Shameless in recent years. “I’m blessed when they still want me around,” the actor says. “Matter of fact, I’m hoping The Goldbergs will bring me back.”

As for the reason he’s appearing in The Goldbergs to begin with, Lauria is thrilled to support The Wonder Years reboot. “I’ve been wondering what took them so long,” Lauria remarks. “I talked to Dulé [Hill] the other day and naturally, I e-mailed Fred Savage, and just wished him the best of luck.”

“I felt, as long as they kept the reality of The Wonder Years with the new family, it’ll work fine,” Lauria adds. “We were one of the few shows that we could get a laugh out of you and as the show ended, give you a tear in your eye. But you keep that formula and you’re going to do okay.”

Expect that formula in the new Wonder Years, as well as Lauria’s Goldbergs episode this October 13.

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