‘Swap Shop’: One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure in First Look (VIDEO)

Looking for a new TV binge? Netflix is gearing up for the launch of its unscripted series Swap Shop and we have your exclusive first look.

Set to debut on Tuesday, November 9, Swap Shop proves that one person’s trash is certainly another person’s treasure when it comes to a certain group of individuals who rely on a radio show to buy, sell, and swap all kinds of gems that come through the airwaves.

Swap Shop Netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

In other words, people looking for treasured items might have the best luck with the “Swap Shop” radio show which gives the latest scoop on items ranging from car parts and comics to sneakers, clown statues and other high-value collectibles. “I love the smell of metal and rust in the morning,” cast member Jen declares in the trailer, above. “Swap Shop is a radio show here in rural Tenessee,” she further explains.

She and plenty of others in the area are eager to find treasure among the unwanted scraps, and the collectibles they find are just the tip of the iceberg as they tune into “Swap Shop” with ears wide open. Each morning is filled with fresh opportunities to hit pay dirt, but you just have to be listening or else you’ll get left behind.

As one of the cast members in the teaser, above, announces, “it’s a real-life treasure hunt” and luckily we’re all invited. Don’t miss Swap Shop when it arrives on Netflix this November and until then, unearth some gems in the exclusive first look.

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