‘Animal Kingdom’ Sneak Peek: Janine Has a Plan — Who’s Not on Board? (VIDEO)

What’s next on Animal Kingdom in the flashbacks after Janine (Leila George) killed Max — in front of her kids — and turned to Jake (Jon Beavers) and Manny (Rigo Sanchez) to take care of the body? Planning for the future, apparently, as seen in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the September 26 episode, “Loose Ends.”

That’s because now, Janine has the equivalent of “a phone book of all the criminals and crooked assholes in San Diego county,” she says. “So, you going to call ’em, tell ’em you killed Max and you’re in charge now?” Jake asks.

It seems like she’s considering it, since she doesn’t think any of them saw Max as their partner. “This guy was shaking them down just like he was doing to us,” she explains, which Jake points out is how things work. But maybe not anymore. “We do it different,” she decides.

What exactly does that look like? “If we need something from someone, we cut them in. If someone brings us a job, we give them a piece. We could build a network,” she says. Unfortunately, the others don’t seem to exactly be on board — and Jake then hits her where it hurts — her kids — as he tells her to go home. “My kids are fine,” she insists. Watch what she and Jake have to say after that in the video above.

Elsewhere in “Loose Ends,” the Codys resolve unfinished business and plan their biggest heist ever without Smurf.

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