Why Liv Morgan Wants You to Watch Her on WWE ‘SmackDown’ & ‘Extreme Rules’

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan will be the first to tell you that her journey in WWE has not been easy. At the same time, this spitfire wouldn’t have it any other way. Every disappointment or setback fuels a competitive fire.

Her underdog ascension continues to strike a chord with audiences as one of the most popular performers in the SmackDown women’s division. Morgan, for whom life hasn’t been easy, is thankful for every opportunity. One coming up sees the 27-year-old Jersey girl square off with former champion Carmella at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

TV Insider caught up with Morgan ahead of the match, which can only help her climb to the top.

You’ve built such a strong connection with fans.

Liv Morgan: People can relate to being hungry and trying to earn your way. Not everyone can relate to being the best at everything. I really had to work my way up the ranks. I feel people saw themselves in that and could relate. The WWE Universe has really blown me away in the past year. I’m so lucky and blessed to have them on my side.

Do you feel the way you deal with the ups and downs has changed with experience?

I’m naturally a positive person. I don’t like to dwell on the negative. I feel like if there is a situation I can not change, then I don’t want to waste my energy being stuck on it or overthinking it or wishing I can change it because the reality is I can’t. All I can do is show up and do my absolute very best and be happy in that. It is how you handle the lows. At the end of the day, as much as I want to win championships and have all the accolades, my real main goal is to see how good I can be. As long as I’m focused on that, I’ll be okay.

How tight is your bond with your fellow Riott Squad members today?

We definitely all keep in touch. We’re all so happy about each other’s successes. When I first got teamed up with Ruby [Riott] and Sarah [Logan], I didn’t really speak to either of them. Throughout the journey of being best friends, we realized there are so many things that make us alike rather than different. We all love wrestling the same. It feels great to have that support system and be sisters for life. I’m so happy for Ruby and Sarah. I can’t wait to see Sarah back in the ring whenever she is ready.

Liv Morgan and Toni Storm


You’ve been working a lot recently with a new face on the show in Toni Storm. How is it being that welcoming presence that someone else was for you?

Our locker room is so encouraging at SmackDown. I think that is important for morale amongst the women. I feel like everyone is supportive on SmackDown. I love to team with Toni Storm. After the Riott Squad split up, I was so against tag teams. Toni Storm is the only one I would team with every single day. I feel like because I was such a fan before she came to WWE and put in tons of work. She is always going to give 150 percent no matter what the match, with who or how much time is given. That’s something I try to do, so I see that quality in her. I admire it and gravitate toward that.

Fans care so much about women’s wrestling. That was evident recently when reportedly a match was cut during the Madison Square Garden SmackDown. What did having that support mean to you?

It’s awesome because fans want women on the show. They want to see the girls. When you have a two-hour show and only spend five minutes on the women, they want more. We are so grateful for that. This specific scenario where it’s easy to be discouraged or want to place blame and lash out and speak out about something. One of the reasons the WWE Universe is so cool is I don’t need to do that because they are going to do it for us. They are going to make it known. That is way more powerful than me being like, “I’m unhappy because of this.” The fans make it known they want the women on the show. It speaks volumes.

What are your thoughts on the rivalry that has been brewing with Zelina Vega and your opponent at Extreme Rules in Carmella?

I feel like it has been a long time coming with Carmella and I. Also, Zelina and I have been going back and forth since Money in the Bank. I feel we should earn our spots. With Zelina, she wants to prove herself so badly. I admire that, but she does it in a way that is not constructive. She complains about me all the time and runs me down on social media. She aligns herself with Carmella, who is so accomplished. Yet the only thing she says about herself is that she is the most beautiful. I almost feel sorry for her. You don’t need to seek constant validation from people. I’m just the bad guy in their eyes for thinking there is more to us than our looks. I’m hoping we’ll settle it for the final time.

Liv Morgan and Carmella


The 2021 WWE Draft is starting October 1. Is SmackDown where you want to stay?

I would love to stay with SmackDown. The reason why I would want to stay on SmackDown is because of our women’s roster. But it’s obviously not going to be the same roster. Also, I have been drafted for the past three years to another show. I’m almost expecting to be drafted to Raw because that is where my history says. I just want to work. Wherever that is, I’m ready to go.

Becky Lynch has been back for a few weeks now. What kind of energy has she brought to the overall locker room?

I feel like for me personally, I see a lot of similarities with mine and Becky’s career. Maybe not at this very moment, but she was an underdog for a lot of years.I feel like that has been my career too. I’m constantly fighting, scratching, clawing to prove myself. I’m waiting for that big breakout moment. I’m looking for that big breakout moment. To know Becky, who is so much larger than life right now. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest stars man or female in WWE, in wrestling in general, is hope and inspiration. I feel like I can do that too. I know I can.

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