‘SEAL Team’ Season 5 Trailer: Bravo’s Back & the World’s on Fire (VIDEO)

Justin Melnick, Max Thieriot, David Boreanaz, AJ Buckley, Neil Brown Jr. in SEAL Team
Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Bravo is back for an intense SEAL Team Season 5 (if the trailer is any indication) as the military drama is set to make the move from CBS over to Paramount+ after the first four episodes.

So what will the team be facing? They’re dealing with “an act of terror on a scale we haven’t seen in years,” according to Lt. Cdr. Eric Blackburn (Judd Lormand). With the world on fire again, there is a lot on the line: “If Bravo’s unable to execute this mission to perfection, the alternative is World War III.” So no pressure!

Is everyone up to it? Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) thinks so, but new father Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) doesn’t seem so sure. “We’re jumping into a viper’s nest,” he tells Bravo 1. “Look at everyone.” With so much at stake, it may be the worst time for there to be any concerns about how the team will operate and for there to be a question of who they can trust, but that’s where they are.

Watch the trailer below for a peek at the action, possible romance, some joy, and quite a bit that has us worried if everyone will even survive for the move to the streaming service (and they just lost one of their own!).

When SEAL Team Season 5 begins with the premiere, “Trust, But Verify: Part 1,” Bravo will be “shocked when they learn a training exercise is really cover for a covert mission to get a weapons expert out of one of the most dangerous countries in the world,” CBS teases.

The fifth episode will drop overnight on Paramount+ on Monday, November 1, after the fourth airs on CBS on October 31. Then, starting with Episode 6 on November 7, the rest of the season will be released weekly on Sundays.

SEAL Team, Season 5 Premiere, Sunday, October 10, 10/9c, CBS