LeVar Burton Is a Librarian With a Secret When ‘Leverage: Redemption’ Returns

LeVar Burton on Leverage: Redemption

The do-gooding con artists on IMDb TV’s breezy crime caper face a dangerous new threat in the second half of Season 1: the shadowy international group RIZ. They are, says Leverage: Redemption co-showrunner Kate Rorick, a mirror image of the show’s heroes.

While Leverage team leader Sophie (Gina Bellman) and her crew, including team protector Eliot and former corporate fixer Harry (Christian Kane and Noah Wyle, above), work to help the “little guy” done wrong by the corrupt rich and powerful, RIZ “is out there with the same skill sets selling their services to the bad guys,” says Rorick. “They are a thorn in our side from the first episode.”

Which happens to be a Christmas story. In the holiday spirit, Sophie uncharacteristically agrees to let the team concoct a fake case to give dying small-town librarian Robert (guest star LeVar Burton) “the spy novel adventure of a lifetime,” Rorick says. But the lark turns lethal when RIZ gets involved, targeting Robert, who, it turns out, may not be just a librarian.

In upcoming cases, they take on a golf hustler (James Marsters) who uses his con to fund a nefarious criminal enterprise, and they help a legendary grifter known as “The Jackal” (Joanna Cassidy), suffering from dementia, break free from her controlling, court-appointed guardian. The #FreeBritney folks could learn from the Leverage crew!

Leverage: Redemption, Season 1 Part 2 Premiere, Friday, October 8, IMDb TV