Will You Still Tune in for ‘Jeopardy!’ With Mike Richards Hosting? (POLL)

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Jeopardy! has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past few months following the death of its longtime host, the late great Alex Trebek.

The biggest hurdle right now is getting through the first week of Season 38, which features former executive producer and short-lived permanent host Mike Richards. Before he departed the show following scandals related to past comments and actions, Richards had taped a full week of episodes, but considering the gameplay, re-taping the installments wasn’t really an option.

Mike Richards Jeopardy

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Plus, with record-setting champ Matt Amodio returning to pick up his winning streak, cutting progress for the sake of keeping Richards off air would be a disservice to the players and game. So, fans are being given the choice to tune in or hold out until the show picks up with guest hosts, like returning star Mayim Bialik, who will step in temporarily for the syndicated program and continue to hold her gig as Jeopardy!‘s primetime host.

There were certainly mixed reactions following the Season 38 premiere as fans weighed in on the predicament. Some noted how awkward it was to watch knowing that Richards’ imminent exit looms.

Some were confused about the concept of pre-taped episodes, believing that Richards’ departure from Jeopardy! wasn’t actually true.

Others shared their distaste for Richards’ onscreen presence by sharing plans to sit the week out or comment on his continued presence.

How do you feel about the situation? Let us know if you’ll be tuning in for Mike Richards’ last batch of episodes or not in the reader poll, below.

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