‘Fantasy Island’: Eddie Cahill & Lindsey Kraft to Guest Star in Holiday Episodes

Fantasy Island casts Eddie Cahill and Lindsey Kraft
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Fantasy Island is bulking up its guest star roster with Lindsey Kraft, Eddie Cahill, and Benjamin Stockham in upcoming episodes of the Fox reboot.

Cahill who is best known for roles in CSI: NY, Friends, and Felicity among others will join Lindsey Kraft (Grace and Frankie, Getting On, Why Women Kill) in back-to-back installments titled “Welcome to the Snow Globe” Parts 1 and 2. While they have no exact airdate yet, there’s a definite holiday theme going on.

In the episodes, Cahill will play Jake/James, who is described as being straight out of a “Festive Channel” movie. Jake/James is rugged, kind, and handsome, but his presence on Fantasy Island may turn out to be the one thing that throws Elena Roarke (Roselyn Sánchez) into a tailspin.

Fantasy Island Season 1 Roselyn Sanchez Elena Roarke

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As for Kraft, she’ll portray Allison Holmes, a stressed CEO of her family’s major hotel chain. She travels to Fantasy Island to live out her dream of having a perfect Christmas as the main character in a real-life “Festive Channel” holiday movie, complete with Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, and plenty of hot chocolate.

Per the episode’s logline, Allison’s fantasy for a perfect Christmas tests Roarke in unexpected ways. Meanwhile, Mr. Jones faces his past as a new Secret Santa tradition has Ruby (Kiara Barnes) and Javier (John Gabriel Rodriquez) looking towards the future.

Benjamin Stockham

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Viewers will see Benjamin Stockham (About a Boy, Gotham) a bit sooner in the show’s seventh episode, “The Romance & The Bromance.” Airing Tuesday, September 14, the installment follows a bookworm who wants to say yes to life goes back in time to meet her favorite author. Meanwhile, a competitive survivalist learns the ultimate challenge isn’t something he’s trained for.

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Stockham plays young Brian, an awkward high school freshman who uses humor to hide insecurities. When he meets his future self in the middle of the jungle, Brian wants to learn about how he ended up becoming an adrenaline-junky adventurer.

Don’t miss these fabulous guest stars as Fantasy Island continues on Fox this fall.

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