’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Who’s Already Married? (RECAP)

Evelin and Corey in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 3 “Fight for Love.”]

When better to confess secrets you’ve been keeping from your sisters than while trying on a wedding dress for the ceremony you’ve been saying you never wanted to have? That’s just one of the dramatic moments in this episode as 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3 continues.

Also, Jenny and Sumit hit another obstacle in their attempt to keep her in India without getting married. It’s exes and awkward conversations galore in Ethiopia for Ariela and Biniyam, while Alina and Steven need to have quite the discussion when they reunite in Turkey … and he needs to pass her test first. Plus, Ellie gets news about Victor following Hurricane Iota devastating Providencia, and Kenneth admits something he’s been keeping from Armando.

Read on for all the drama in “Fight for Love.”

Jenny and Sumit

Since Sumit still won’t marry her because his parents are against it, Jenny’s last option to stay in India without having to leave every six months (which is expensive) is a missionary visa. She goes to the ISKCON temple to learn more about becoming a Hare Krishna devotee, and it seems to be going well. She’s learning the chant, she’s possibly finding a way to deal with the stress in her life, and she may end up there for more than just that visa.

However, when she meets with an ISKCON priest, Ajay, he informs her that it takes years (three, five, or even 10) to fulfill the requirements needed for sponsorship of that missionary visa. Plus, it’s all based on individual commitment and dedication, with no guarantee. Sumit still refuses to choose marriage over his parents and is worried about his and Jenny’s future after hearing that news.

Jenny and Sumit in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way


Ariela and Biniyam

If you thought that Ariela getting emotional about how she didn’t exactly end things with her ex-husband Leandro was going to be the most awkward part of his visit, you’re wrong. Her fiancé Biniyam remains concerned that the exes still have feelings for one another, which seems understandable. After all, as Leandro tells Ariela, he had thought their last break was temporary since they’d split multiple times and always came back together. Then she told him she was dating someone and was pregnant.

So, Biniyam takes Leandro to his gym for a workout and waits perhaps a beat too long to let him go after pinning him while they box. He also asks if Leandro and Ariela had sex when he was visiting her in New Jersey. He doesn’t have anything to worry about, Leandro assures him, but Biniyam doesn’t trust him.

After hearing this, Ariela wishes her fiancé would focus on their relationship, but things just get worse when Biniyam invites his ex and dance partner, Tsion, to join the three of them for dinner. That’s when it becomes Ariela’s turn to ask about the exes’ breakup. Tsion confirms she thought Leandro cheated on her. They stopped talking, then two months later, he was with someone else (and claimed he was casting for a movie). Tsion had thought they’d be getting back together, then he got married. Ariela wonders if she should be jealous when the two are together all night dancing at a club. The tables have turned.

Leandro, Tsion, Biniyam, Ariela in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way


Ellie and Victor

After the hurricane hits, Ellie can’t reach Victor. Last she heard from him, he was sheltering with his sister, but she has no idea if he’s alive. Her mind automatically goes to the worst-case scenario because of the other losses (her husband, her parents, a good friend) she’s suffered. But fortunately, she hears from his sister Astrid, who lives on the mainland of Colombia, and has heard that her family is OK.

Despite all that’s unknown, Ellie still flies to Colombia as planned, determined to find Victor, and it’s as she’s making her connection in Dallas that she realizes she’s left everything behind for a completely unknown future. She goes to San Andrés, the island to which he would have been evacuated, with 98% of Providencia destroyed. Once at the hotel, however, she wonders if she should have come, with the reality of the situation overwhelming her.

Ellie in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way


Kenneth and Armando

Kenneth’s daughter Cassidy comes down to Mexico for a visit, the first time he’s seen one of his kids in a year. It’s as they’re driving back from the airport that he admits how homesick he is, the only thing he’s been keeping from his fiancé. Cassidy shares that while she’s happy he’s happy, she does feel a bit more pressure now that he’s gone. She’s the one making sure everyone’s interacting since Kenneth was the foundation of the family. He can’t help but wonder if the kids resent him for moving away and choosing his own happiness.

Steven and Alina

As Steven and Alina prepare to leave their homes behind for Turkey — where they’ll get married so he can go with her to Russia — she decides to take her friends’ advice and test him to make sure he’s faithful. After all, he had asked her if he could date other girls and got them separate apartments in Turkey. So, she turns to a friend he doesn’t know about, Masha, and after the two women unfriend one another, has her “flirt with him on chat with expectations to talk more intimately.” Alina even works with Masha to compose the messages. Alina wants to see if he says he has a girlfriend. If he starts to flirt, it’s the last straw.

Alina in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way


In Utah, Steven’s parents and brother take him to the airport for his flight to Turkey. His mom, Julie, worries that he’s not scared even though he should be about what could happen to him overseas. He, meanwhile, is just concerned about how Alina will react when he admits he’s not a virgin — they’re supposed to be saving themselves for marriage — and has had sexual relationships in the past.

Corey and Evelin

Evelin may repeatedly say she’s never wanted to get married, but she knows that she wants the best for her wedding — and that includes the dress. So it’s no surprise that she hates the dress Corey reveals he has for her: his sister’s prom dress. (He’s really trying to cut costs.) She doesn’t even want to try it on. It doesn’t help his relationship with her sisters; they just see it as another reason not to like him.

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Instead, they go to a local dressmaker, and when Evelin tries on a dress, she admits she feels weird. Wearing it makes it seem very real, and she’s getting anxious, she admits. She then tells her sisters about Jenny, Corey’s girlfriend when he was in Peru during their breakup. Her sisters think she’s crazy to want to marry him after that. Well, about that… Evelin reveals that a year ago, they went to Guayaquil and got married!

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